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  1. It sounds like the bricks on the steppers are catching on to other bricks on the walls. Either that, or there is a misplaced/misaligned liftarm or bushing. I would run it very slowly (crank it by hand if needed) and see what’s causing the bricks to separate. You should be able to catch it as it happens. Cranking it by hand would even allow you to feel as it happens.
  2. I remember it being around $192. I don't remember if it included shipping or not.
  3. I like how you were able to reposition the liftarm that lifts the crane. I’ll try to incorporate that when I update the instructions.
  4. Lego has been experimenting with a pull-string motor that can run an axle. That would work with a desk GBC miniloop.
  5. Which pattern design is new?
  6. That’s the one part I can’t take credit for. It is by a Japanese builder by the name of Ichiro Satoh (unless I’m misinterpreting).
  7. Here’s a module I’ve wanted to build in a while, that I just figured out how to get running. I wanted bricks moving horizontally, and with no floor underneath. Of course I also wanted the fork to be all black, but being new to Technic, I didn’t realize that you need some serious cash to get the half bush in black. I might change the input hopper to use a conveyor, and there are a few other things that I am thinking about, so I thought I’d take Tom Atkinson’s lead and call it a prototype. ?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion - I didn’t know people did that here. I will try to do that in a couple of weeks - I am currently busy building another module (or four). :)
  9. Thanks for posting this Ankoku. I built this module for the build challenge, as Great Ball Pit mentioned. I mostly just lurk here but participate more at the Discord chat (there’s some overlap of people between the two). It took me a while to find a stepper mechanism that I can combine with a shooter, as the shooting mechanism has to fit underneath the top step(s). Also the contest had a 48 stud limit, so the ball pump - which is a BW 2018 - was cut in half and facing the other way, to save on space.
  10. I've been a member for quite some time, and a lurker for even longer, but I never really posted, but I guess it's time to change that. I'm mostly a City fan, but I'm also interested in GBC. Either way, I'm just happy I haven't gotten into trains yet, as I am running out of storage space and hobby funds.
  11. boogie

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Same for me. If I'm not building, then I am sorting. Either way it counts as Lego time and I enjoy it.