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    lego starwars TCS xbox 360

    How much.
  2. the lego 10133 BNSF and the lego 10020 Santa Fe??? Asking because i am struggling to find out which carriages you could use with both....
  3. thegurumb

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Just got my shipped email for my Maerske and Emerald Night train, other 2 Maerske trains are on back order.
  4. thegurumb

    Santa Fe Super Chief Limited Edition

    Would you buy the normal set or is the limited edition worth the extra.
  5. thegurumb

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Yeah shame us in the UK can't buy from there, they will not ship outside the US, Amazon UK still does not have them listed yet.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, i need some advice regarding a ebay purchase, bought a Lego Star Wars 7191 X-Wing UCS, it was advertised as still sealed, now i know they are about 8-9 years old, i paid top money for it and i received an email afterwards saying one of the seals has popped but the other one is still there, i am collecting these pieces for the future, question is does one popped seal de-value the set??? I know people will say Lego is for playing with but i'm collecting them for my babys future so they can have them to do as they please when they are older ( keep and play or they can sell them ) Should i return the item and get one with the seals or keep it???
  7. thegurumb

    Maersk Train Arrives

    i ordered one yesterday on the lego website, got a purchase email but nothing yet to say it has shipped, yet ordered 2 more today and i got a mail saying they are on back order till May? guess its a really popular item, wonder how many they have made because sounds like everywheres sold out of them?
  8. thegurumb

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Bought 1 on lego s and h today now they are on back order.....
  9. thegurumb

    What did you buy today?

    Lego Emerald Night and the Maerske Train,
  10. thegurumb

    Which set should I buy?

    Emerald night train set or the maerske train set???
  11. thats a good deal is it not? 60 minifigures for £95 when you add in delivery, works out at £1.58 per fig??? may buy a box and stick it away
  12. Struggling to see those dots on the back and work out what they are compared to the guide, opened 2 out of the 23 i bought today and they were the gnome and the artist....
  13. Went into our local Tesco today and they had a box of the series 4 left, just grabbed 23 packs ( no idea why 23 ) after spending about 20 mins trying to feel them out, and can anyone tell me how that barcode thing works because they are the same code on all the packs????
  14. Which one if you had the pick would you go for then?
  15. What exactly is the point of them? Just a question why do you collect them?