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  1. Sunseeker21

    MOC: Brick Walk

    Very nice - supported
  2. Sunseeker21

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Ditto, hence I’ve put my unopened ones into plastic boxes
  3. Sunseeker21

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    This time Lego did their own “XXL version” in the designer video - looks nice that way
  4. Sunseeker21

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    New details emerged on Setnummer: 10270 Name: noch nicht bekannt Anzahl Steine: 2.504 Anzahl Minfiguren: noch nicht bekannt Preis (UVP): 159,99 Euro
  5. Sunseeker21

    [MOC] Winter Chalet.. Help me!

    Supported. Good luck. Instant buy
  6. Sunseeker21

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A new set regarding winter emerged for the City line:
  7. Sunseeker21

    All 8 Brickative Modulars

    New Brickative MOCs for the coming months...
  8. Sunseeker21

    All 8 Brickative Modulars

    Hi, sorry for the late reply, but I have been to “incredible” India for work - definitively no cheap Lego there, but Eastern Europe I found also helpful when bricklinking. Thats really lucky or rather well planned, I only have 5-10%, so the more complex ones will be painful for the wallet. I also did a couple modulars from BrickCityDepot/BrickbuildersPro and there I had well over 50% before going on BrickLink. The only modification I did with the BikeShop was putting an E instead of the L outside. Cheers
  9. Sunseeker21

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks like a ramp and an alarm button similar to the Fire Brigade behind the snowman...
  10. Sunseeker21

    All 8 Brickative Modulars

    Awesome display. Well done. I have only finished the bike shop yet, although more are waiting to be bricklinked (€500 per full baseplate build?) Did you change the orange facade color of the Havana cafe? (Maybe it’s just me not recognizing)
  11. Sunseeker21

    [MOD] Modularized 60204 City Hospital

    Looks nice. Looking forward to the inside part etc. Are you keeping the ambulances original or appliying AUS design pattern?
  12. Sunseeker21

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think “two” hospitals in the same year (city plus x) plus Friends would be a high bet but there is a nice piece of information from Jamie regarding the Fire Brigade and how it turned out fine for the modular series, so maybe a police station is not completely out although we had a police minifig and DO So maybe it will be a Police and Pizzeria corner, with a hidden cola or cookie barrel...
  13. Sunseeker21

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    That looks absolutely awesome. Well done Do you know how many pieces were being used in that build?
  14. Sunseeker21

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

    This is an awesome build. Happy to invest into the instructions part. Hope it will turn out as it did for the train station
  15. Sunseeker21

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Nice one, I like the look of the diner without the stairs on the side but would probably still add the other floors on top cheers