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  1. BR-44-Fan

    [MOC]: DB BR 44 (44 276)

    Good morning, @Q3671 Thanks! @Duq Haha, yes, you're right, we already have one. The first version had flanged wheels on the first and third axle, the others were blind ones. But the tender was too long for the locomotive and the wheels didn't see like all the same (at this time it could run in long curves). So I changed all wheels to this flanged ones. Looks nicer. So it can't run through curves. But the next models should ... @Man with a hat Thank you! Greetings, Ben
  2. BR-44-Fan

    [MOC]: DB BR 44 (44 276)

    Hello, @ all: Thank you for your comments. @JopieK You're right, Flickr seems to be the best way to show pictures here. In Bochum Dahlhausen I havn't been so far. @Tenderlok The details are the most important thing in a MOC, that's why I often want more and more and more. But then there are too much. You have to find the path between both: not too little and not too much. For more photos please look in my profile on 1000steine, until I have Flickr and can show more details here. My MOC isn't motorized, it even can't run ... because the gears are fixed. A (0)43 would be great, but the next steamers will be a 01.10 and a Prussian T3. @LEGO Train 12 Volts I also think so, when you hear BR (Baureihe), you immediately think about the german steam engines with the typical colours red for the undercarriage and black for the boiler/ cab. @HoMa It's great to have the possibility to take these pictures (to the DDM you drive half an hour from us), so I take this chance. I know the problem in the roundhouse ... it's too small and too dark. But the locomotives shouldn't stand outside in the strong upper-franconian weather the whole time as well. ;-) And it's a big thing to remove them from the roundhouse because the turntable is too small for the steam engine AND a shunter engine (e.g. Köf). The tender has to be decoupled from the locomotive. Greetings, Ben
  3. BR-44-Fan

    [MOC]: DB BR 44 (44 276)

    Hello at all, I'm new on Eurobricks. To present myself: My name is Ben and I'm from Bavaria (Germany). I'm 16 years old and my hobbies are -apart from Lego - trains and I play the piano and the organ. Now I want to show you my steam engine 44 276. The original one is in the DDM Deutsches Dampflok-Museum (German museum of steam trains) in Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg. There I've also taken the pictures, between the big engines and in the 'Kohlenhof', where the steam engines got water, coal and were checked. I'm sorry, I tried hard to upload pictures here, but after the sixth try I gave up. Actually I made it as it is said. But ... if you follow this link, you can also see the pictures. I'm looking forward to see your MOCs and to take part in the forum. Greetings, Ben
  4. Hi, I'm really impressed! Such an awesome MOC!! Your other locomotives are also excellent! Greetings, Ben (new on eurobricks, I will introduce myself later on)