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  1. Lasivian

    LIBRARY: Sails

    Hello Ska. While I agre this is a "necro" thread, it is also a library thread. I for one would be happy if you uploaded more sails! Thanks!
  2. Hello. I am trying to build pirate ships larger than the small boat in the Imperial Trading Post (6277) and smaller than the Armada Flagship (6280) or Imperial Flagship (6271) Something about as long as the Cross Bone Clipper (6250) or Renegade Runner (6268) but not as wide. This is a good example of the right hull size: Something in the "brig" class in Evil Stevie's game. 2 cannons. Anyone know any plans for a ship like that? Or at least good pictures of hulls? Thanks!
  3. Lasivian

    What forum should this topic go in?

    Building terrain I suppose. Never thought to break it up, lol. Thanks
  4. I run a tabletop RPG and use LEGO for the dungeons and minifig characters. I'm not sure what forum I should discuss this in. Thanks!
  5. I decided to try making a large sculpture in 20x size after seeing this video. You can see their (much nicer) version at 1:25 in.
  6. Found it. Thanks
  7. I am looking for something to make large solid models with, more like this: Thanks
  8. I used Lscuplt, but it just made the model entirely out of 1x1 plates. I didn;t see any options for using more than one single type of item in it. Maybe i'm missing something. Thanks!
  9. I want to make a LEGO goblet at 20x size, but I can;t find decent software that can do it. Thanks!
  10. I've been wanting to just make simple single-colored large sculptures. Mainly I want to do "Minifig, Utensil Goblet No: 2343" at 20x scale. I have a STL I made at that scale, but I cann;t find any software to do the brick layout. The closest I have come is Lsculpt: (But it does the model in all 1x1 plates.) Supposedly will accomplish this, but the page does not seem to work for me. (Hangs when trying to download Instructions and SCAD) Any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (And, If anyone wants my homemade STL of the goblet it's here: Goblet.STL)
  11. Mainly hoping to find people around Washington state USA (Spokane primarily, Seattle/Brickcon would be great too) Tho i'm looking to connect with just about anyone that still plays it, or a derivative. What rules did you change? What have you built? Where do you coordinate? Etc. Thanks! Lasivian on Gmail & Facebook
  12. Lasivian

    Lighthouse for Evil Stevie's Pirate Game

    I did once, and got totally hooked on it. :)
  13. Some folks said it's too big (Comes up to my belt and i'm 6'/182cm tall) but I think it's perfect. Afterall you WANT to get attention at a convention and why bend over all the time to change the wind direction? heh.
  14. Lasivian

    The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay

    Very nice! I am curious how you handled the underside, could I get some pictures of the bottom? (Not as "pretty" but sexy to us builders!" Thanks!