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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    And don't forget that the LOTR waves, which were about 10 years too late, was also coupled with the release of the 3 awful Hobbit movies...
  2. Definitely a clean solution to the stand. Though i must admit that something about the pose annoys my eyes a bit. i think it's a tad aggressive Saves a lot of space though :)
  3. Soon mate! :) My vanity doesnt allow me to post quick pictures in bad lighting, haha! I have a small studio setup, so i will see to it eventually. Also with a few WIP images, although i really must get better at documenting the process!
  4. This model is built of 90% reused parts that i owned already ( i wanted to make it of 100% reused parts but is was impossible since i didn't own enough tile-parts, unfortunately) After a couple of months of work on this, as a side project, i've come closer to the final result. I had pretty high ambitions with this project, and wanted to go all-custom, but i slowly turned my focus to more "original" builds. And spaceships have never been my strong side anyways, sooo.. This one will most likely turn into a gift for someone, as a tradeoff for desk-space, since i can't find the space for it. I recycled the frame structure from the 2007 version, which is basically identical to the 2017. I wanted the vessel the be in a flying position and get rid of those clunky feet. That was my main goal, and what an awful hard task that was/is. I don't even think that I've cracked it 100% yet, so i gotta get back to it later. i also recycled the cockpit area from the new model, since it's almost perfect in my opinion. Lego did an incredible job here. I will brick build the glass area, since the new Cone mold with print costs around 80€.. I had planned on building out the cockpit with the smaller cone piece (8 studs wide) but the size just look "off".. I became a bit lazy in my creative planning for this model, and i ended up using a lot more from the official model then i wanted to. I am working my way backwards now, and touching up some of the parts which doesn't work for me. I will redo the whole top plate and engine area, since i have a very strong dislike for the clunky 7x12 wedge plate piece (and the official model uses ALOT of those!) i've seen some incredible renditions of the MF with MOC'ers using the old 8x4 wedge plate. Unfortunately i did not own more than a couple of those, and they are very expensive. I came across my huge selection of 12x3 wedge plates though, and they are a perfect piece for this model! Halfway through the model i noticed that i was running out of wedge plates. And since i wanted to avoid doing too much bricklinking I paid a visit to my parents house, went down in their basement and found my Star Wars collection from 1998-2008. 20 years of pieces did the trick! I had everything i needed, and even more. Old special prints and tiles. I was a happy man, and a bit relieved since i saved some money right there! Plus i really like that my old models get recycled for the greater good. Thats what lego is all about anyway, and it adds a bit of history and flair to this MF! At this point i have no idea why i am actually building this model. I don't even like huge spaceship models that much, but i felt like i kinda wanted to join in on the fun! :) The last thing i will need to do on this model, is the back, more commonly known as the "blue engine". I like what many of you guys did here! So i might try to find some inspiration. like many other people in here, i have a dis-taste for the ribbed hose / pirate ship solution from the official set. But i think its a great solution for an official set though..! I also recently stumbled upon Marshal Bananas version, which as basically flawless. Might have to borrow some stuff from that one too.. I will take some more pictures once this is closer to being finished.. :) Here's to those who refuse spending 700 dollars on an official set, and decide to do it on their own! Oh, And one last thing; Lego, we need stud-less wedge plates (wedge tiles)!
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Is that the Basilisk?… Hahaha Sorry, but the one from 2002 is way better. Still, the new one is brick built tho, so that gets a couple of ++
  6. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Great to see this theme back from the vaults! Definitely a timeless theme. Many of the things changed from the previous releases 10-15 years back in time are good, in my opinion. especially wands in the correct size! I remember when i was a kid, i used to cut the bars in half with a wire cutter, just to get a more correct size.. ;)
  7. I've come to the conclusion that i will never own this box set. Its too expensive and too limited. Everything surrounding it is like a thick fog of mystery and despair.. Though i must admit, the design is intriguing and the new modifications done to this model is quite tasteful. Everyone loves the falcon. The design is great! I feel like the most desirable part about this set is constructing the base and interior. I've always loved turning the inside out on models! LEGO has officially released the instructions manual online, and with that in my hands, i have begun constructing the interior design and will slowly work my way outwards to the hull of the ship.. I have a huge amount of parts in my collection, bare that in mind. But i will like to make an example of how this falcon can be constructed without buying a box set using all spare parts from sets i´ve bought over the years. There are over 7000 parts, but most of these parts are generic lego pieces, a smaller percentage are special pieces and only a handful are unique to this set. I've been "bricklinking" the newest rounded tiles and some other pieces. Some special technique pieces are needed in a 40+ quantity which is tough. Right now i'm on a 40 euro budget and having acquired almost all the needed pieces foe the first round (which is about half of the ship). Lets see how it goes. You can all, of course, laugh at my attempt, should it fail… I will at the same time attempt to add some mods and new building techniques along the way, to make it even more the way i want it
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    My moneys on a 500 euro platform for the ucs falcon to land on. And maybe a new and updated Lando mini if we all behave nicely.
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So.. Whats the deal with the designer video - does it exist?
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Interesting build But it lacks charm First of all i don't like how the whole theme and story is way too caricatured. An american styled diner is a little old to be honest… Pancakes and roller skating waitresses? its very un-stylish. The 10 other modulars have been pretty good at presenting simple themes in an interesting way. and I was so sad to se the old faces go.. I absolutely loved the old styled faces in the modulars. It really made sense! Facial expressions on a mini has nothing to do with imagination and how you build a story, and speaking strictly from an aesthetic point of view less is always better. The simple faces were a nice little gesture
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks gorgeous Come on Lego. Think its about time we had the official announcement
  12. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Plot twist; Lego leaked the diner image themselves
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What is your source on this? The weakest modulars by far are the two (PC & TH) which were released during Jamies hiatus from the theme. But 10 years on a theme is a long time, so I'm not really surprised if Jamie has chosen to move on. Great scoop for the architecture line if thats the real case Lego has a ton of great designers, so i am not worried
  14. People are re-selling this set for triple the price, at least where i am from. Jeeeez i had a big laugh! I am absolutely horrified by this scenario, and i hope that no one ever even considers buying this set for that kind of money. It's a joke, really... It's a plastic toy that leaves no food for thought and follows up on, what has become, a horrible monetizing movie-franchise. And people just eat it up This has nothing to do with lego ….Pretty model though, but i liked the old one better
  15. The parisian restaurant all hands down! Not only is this the best modular, but also the most interesting all around. The details in this model is amazing, and the journey through the build is equally as breathtaking. Its the only modular which isn't as "boxy" as all the others, and it has an appealing set of colors to peak your senses. The ground floor is packed with clever building techniques, small stories and funny ideas. As you of up to the second floor the cleverness continues, and leads right up to the attic which had me thinking that this had to be the best build i ever had the chance of doing with a instructions manual. I only do mocs, so i mostly buy sets for pieces, and this set is exceptional for that as well. But this is something that all the modulars has in common though.. This is definitely one of my favorite build from the hands of Jamie Berard One other thing; the Parisian Restaurant was the first modular i ever bought ;)