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  1. People are re-selling this set for triple the price, at least where i am from. Jeeeez i had a big laugh! I am absolutely horrified by this scenario, and i hope that no one ever even considers buying this set for that kind of money. It's a joke, really... It's a plastic toy that leaves no food for thought and follows up on, what has become, a horrible monetizing movie-franchise. And people just eat it up This has nothing to do with lego ….Pretty model though, but i liked the old one better
  2. The parisian restaurant all hands down! Not only is this the best modular, but also the most interesting all around. The details in this model is amazing, and the journey through the build is equally as breathtaking. Its the only modular which isn't as "boxy" as all the others, and it has an appealing set of colors to peak your senses. The ground floor is packed with clever building techniques, small stories and funny ideas. As you of up to the second floor the cleverness continues, and leads right up to the attic which had me thinking that this had to be the best build i ever had the chance of doing with a instructions manual. I only do mocs, so i mostly buy sets for pieces, and this set is exceptional for that as well. But this is something that all the modulars has in common though.. This is definitely one of my favorite build from the hands of Jamie Berard One other thing; the Parisian Restaurant was the first modular i ever bought ;)
  3. Check out my new Flickr

    Hey guys! I've decided to try and build up my network again on flickr after a couple of years of absence. Unfortunately Yahoo decided to delete my account back then due to inactivity (which was absolutely NOT true but this was their argument nonetheless) and it kind of tossed me out of the community for a while, as i couldn't spare the time to build up a new profile Anyways… I've picked up the bone, and hopefully this will also help me get the inspiration i need to start building stuff again. I am a long life musician, artist and just recently started my studies in architecture in Copenhagen. So my Flickr will hopefully be filled with content from all these aspects of life, and hopefully i can make some inspiring stuff for the community. And of course, make some great lego models! :) So join in, i would really appreciate it! :) Kind regards
  4. This is indeed and interesting discussion I was a bit shocked when i read the news about the Lego-plunge. Though, after about 5 minutes of deeper thinking it made some kind of sense too me. i would like to put the "Market-value" glasses on the shelf in here for a bit, and focus on the more nostalgic value of Lego, and speculate a bit with you folks. These speculations might not have anything too do with the plunge, but i think they contributed.. First thing that stood clear too me was; Kill the Star Wars license This license will soon be 20 years old. It should never have gone this far. We are talking a big stretch of time here, where Lego has ridden the wave of success from an ongoing popular theme. And even though the 3 prequel movies in my eyes were a mess, the theme landed on a hungry market. But the expensive license, and Disney taking over hasn't helped them at all, and i was shocked to pieces when i saw the pricing on the new episode 7 sets back when they were released. I worked at the Lego store in Copenhagen at that time and had trouble finding the right excuses for the costumers so they could justify buying an ridiculously expensive Tie Fighter vehicle.. Seriously, it didn't sell that well.. I was concerned for the company when i quitted working at the store. It seemed like the inspirational toy was gone, and all you could get in the brand stores were double vip points, bonus gifts and expensive licensed toys. Lego is a material which you need to buy in order the build. But somehow the toy brand has always been keen on making it inspirational just to have 4 bricks, if you couldn't afford more. This is just a romantic wish now, but i think that Lego needs to rethink their marketing strategy radically, because this is giving them a serious slap in the face now, as it has been building up slowly.. Its just like all the other technology phenomenons in the world; smartphones, crazy apps. We are simple creatures, with simple needs. And a 7000+ piece millennium falcon never beats 4 red bricks in the creative process Back to the roots dear Lego
  5. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I must say... Ninjago City looks most impressive. It's capable of bringing me along the Ninjago-Movie line. Its got that mix of styles similar to what they did with the Lego Movie then of course, another notable thing is the touch of new and clever building techniques, which pops up around the model, when you look close enough. The Piece count seems fair for such a large set. The model has depth and a lot of story telling, and god oh god, so MANY nerdy details. A great display piece, but even more a great PLAY piece! Last but not least - what a great (and obvious) idea to fit the modular into other building themes
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    That depends on what you mean by "reissue".. One can only re-design a falcon in this scale so many times. The previous one was pretty much spot on design-wise. But the UCS falcon is from another era, back when interior designs were only just emerging(look at the modular buildings for instance) I have a hard time imagining lego designing a model at this scale today, without making an interior design.. Thats just my thoughts...
  7. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Millenium Falcon UCS rumors are seriously the most interesting rumor that has been going on for a while - all because of what could possibly be one one of the most anticipated UCS sets ever. Can we talk more about that please? Full interior this time would be fantastic - given the previous falcon being from a time where interior weren't a thing (café corner) i think the remake this time around makes so much sense, a lot more than say, the Death Star (Which unarguably is an ugly model, but with great play value) The only thing that could go wrong would be if Lego decided to do a smaller model for keeping the costs down.. Literally holding my breath.
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    As the great Mr. Mike Stoklasa said; "Its finally here, the beginning of the end of your life. A new day has dawned. One in which we get a new star wars film, or two, every year until we are all dead!"
  9. Being a natural skeptic among these topics, i still have to admit that the possibility of a Millennium Falcon (MF) Re-release seems to be quite plausible Not only did it come as surprise that the Death Star had a revival - but there is no doubt that the MF is the most popular UCS set, by demand, ever made. Regardless of the price tag. Lego confirming that the DS re-release has nothing to do with future re-releases of older popular models, just seems to stir the boat really.. Obviously they are cooking up something special for next year The UCS MF had a relative short lifespan back in the days No matter what the hypothetical price tag will be for this model, and we bet that it's going to be a monthly paycheck, it will be one of the only UCS sets that i would consider buying… Ever There wouldn't be any other UCS set that would have the same Banger-effect like a revived nostalgic as the Millennium Falcon. With a 10-year anniversary stamp on a premium box, gold and glitter all over. Buy, buy buy! Sure they can add a few more pieces to the set, but the old one was pretty damn well made..!
  10. LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    4499,- dkkr for the new Death Star……? Bwahahahahaha! I feel like i've been complaining a lot recently, but TLC does certainly make it easy
  11. 75098 Assault on Hoth

  12. 75098 Assault on Hoth

    But then again; Denying any of the controversy that appears around this UCS-set, which is face-front served to you just about everywhere you look, would be a strange reaction from a company with their status. Not that i expect any statement from their side. Last time Lego hit controversy, was the Wall-E neck-joint-thingy. They pulled back the kit and that was just based on a poor assembly. In my eyes this case is a lot more serious. We are talking a UCS set with an enormous price tag which doesn't even fit in its own category. A frighteningly poor value-for-money case I guess the real interesting thing is to see how this will sell. Money talks :)
  13. 75098 Assault on Hoth

    This set is picking up far more controversy than i thought possible at first. Not only here, but in every single forum i've read… I think it is interesting But i think that my real interest in this by now, is how Lego would respond to these reactions. Even just hypothetically..
  14. ^Fine review by this fella' "Jangbricks".. Never heard of him! Since i've been spending days trashing about the UCS Hoth set, i almost forgot all about this one.. Im still not quite sure on how the debate flows in here.. Sometimes there seems to be some good general interest in talking about the cons/pros about sets, other times topics like this just floods with "when and where".. I have absolutely no recollection of the classic TV series. I am about half the age as the TV show itself. But to be honest, what i have seen so far has been too ugly to even consider collecting (if i was a collector) ! Yeah, its kinda sad of me to sit here and trash again, even about a TV series that i can't relate to. I am sure that this rocks the boat for many AFOL fans, who remembers the "good ol' days". And it will kinda rock the boat for many people who feel like jumping into the retro-wave and consider it their own as well.. Nothing bad about that! Hell, i was even a little bit convinced when i saw the joker mini fig in this set.. I almost fell into the big bucket. ALMOST! Now, i am not going to comment further on the play-set or model/display value in this box, because i am thinking that i kinda gave it away already. But just to be on the safe side: I think it is absolutely horrifying.. No no.. I am struck by the insane price-tag on this one. It puzzles me even more than the Battle of Hoth set, because this Classic TV Series bat cave will have no gain with the younger audience.. But they can never afford it anyway, so guess that solves the issue
  15. 75098 Assault on Hoth

    My main concern about this set, is not really the set itself, but what the set represents Lego is casually throwing licensed $200+ sets out like this, and people buy it.. It is so uncharming and uninspired. Its like the people who decide to make sequels and prequels, digging deeper in the mystique, trying to find an answer for everything. When is was a kid, in the 90's, i used to love the smaller sets and i found much more playtime in those. I always wanted the larger sets (which of course were NOWHERE near the $200 price mark back then) but i usually tended to find those sets dull and boring. Maybe i was a weird kid, thats fine My point is, that Lego following the footsteps of Disney and Lucas Arts by smashing out large sets all the time, trying to keep the momentum going and trying to satisfy their customers all over the line, just seems so vague to me. Especially when it ends up in catastrophic things like this set. Why in earths name do we need to get all the iconic scenes in one set? For all i care, lego could have made just one model in this set, that be the hangar or the wampa cave, i don't care. just as long as the standard is kept, the mystique and creativity is withheld. Rather do one thing great, than many things half as great. And that is what has been done here.. Everything you see in the box art, is what you get. There is nothing left to experience when built. Lego, this is actually against your "only the best is good enough" philosophy, is it not? Harsh words? Yes hopefully, but my only true concern is if Lego actually gets the message I worked at the Lego store for 3 rather disaster full days until i hurried up and resigned from it. I was so sad to experience the "hive mind" from behind the scenes. Absolutely no charm, all about sale. This is no longer about a terrible SW set