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  1. Have tried to pair trough the app but nothing works.
  2. Hi! I bought a Boost last week and struggle with paring the Boost with my Samsung S9. Have tried to pair with a Sony XZ tablet as well. When I open the bluetooth menu on my phone or tablet I can see the Boost appear there, but not when I try to pair using the app. Any suggestions?
  3. Manor

    Winter Village Train Station

    Now should everething be solved :)
  4. Manor

    Winter Village Train Station

    Strange, it works on fine for me, and my collegue. What happens when you try to click on the picture??
  5. Manor

    Winter Village Train Station

    Winter Village Station_4 Introduction Lego have released two trains and a lot of nice buildings for the winter village, but it still misses a nice place to stop. This is a station with a nice clock tower with two bells so that the citizens can keep track on the time during the Christmas shopping. Inside the station building there is a waiting room, full ticket booth and a small workshop in the tower for maintaining the clock and the bells. On the right side of the station you have a nice fountain and the train schedule. As you can see in the pictures this would be a very nice supplement for the old holiday train (10173) and this years new winter village set (10254). Basic Info Approx Dimensions: Length 62 cm x Width 12.8 cm x Height 37,4 cm Number of pieces (with minifigs, without track): 1200 Clock print: 17038 Input and support will be appreciated. Winter Village Station_with Train Winter Village Station_Detail