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  1. Tkytko

    [Vic Viper] Bio Ship: Xuxa

    Nice. I really like the use of the 2x2 crates in the prongs to give it that texture, and the alien pods in the back. However, I feel the two hoses on the prongs start and end a bit abruptly.
  2. The Magic Fountain of Waldurk Forest by vecchiasignoraceppo Shrine of the Blessed by Etzel
  3. I'm not very interested in most Lego Star Wars, but I just picked up three 7869 Battle for Geonosis from my local Lego store for half off. It's just so hard to pass up 50% off!
  4. Tkytko

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    5 by MadAboutLego - 2 points 10 by DarthNick - 1 point
  5. Tkytko

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    1 by Ninja Nin - 1 point 7 by Kristel - 1 point 15 by MstrOfPppts - 1 point So many great entries, it was hard to narrow it down!
  6. Tkytko

    [MOC] Nnovvember Is Vic Viper Month

    That green one is wonderful, I love the shape and the usage of the army men stands.
  7. I hope they don't use the genie "legs", it wouldn't look good at all. Another idea would be the mermaid bottom, the fin at the end isn't very appropriate but it's much more snake-like than the genie piece.
  8. The snake tail fits, but barely. You'd be able to tell it was a medusa just by looking at the bag - it would bulge out so much, you wouldn't even need to feel it.
  9. I think a terracotta warrior would be iconic enough from China, and with Lady Liberty it wouldn't be the first "non living" CMF.
  10. Tkytko

    6077 Forestmen's River Fortress Redux

    Great remake, you captured the feel of a ruined tower really well. Also love that portcullis.
  11. Tkytko

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    Even the aliens can partake in the season's festivities.
  12. Nice find. So many of these new parts are amazing The medusa, sea captain, roman helmet crest, powdered wig...
  13. Tkytko

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    It's a shame about all the stickers but that's to be expected. Those alien and robot figs look even better in the reviews, can't wait to pick some up
  14. Tkytko

    [MOC] PSI Class Void Fletcher - Vic Viper

    Thanks. I was originally going for a dark blue and yellow color scheme, but the yellow took on an accent only role and blue crept in. I wasn't planning on using the doors, but I had to buy a second Marvel jeep to get a second dark blue 1x6 tile and the extra set of doors allowed me to do this. Also thing to note about the arches, the newer ones can't hold studs on the underside like that, the underside ribbing got a little narrower somewhere recently so you have to use older arches. Glad you guys like it!
  15. My second Nnovvember, my second Vic Viper. I wanted to build something with the parts from this set and decided a VV would be great. Few more shots in the set page I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Comments/criticism welcome