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    What did you buy today?

    Thanks guys. :) You got it right, PROlego. :) I read the discontinuation speculation on another Lego fansite, although it was only speculation. It seemed to be backed up at the time by the fact that the online stock had dwindled, but I saw last night that it was back on pre-order. I was surprised that they'd let it go prior to Halloween, but I thought maybe they had limited stock and resellers had done a run on it...evidently it's bounced back!
  2. Trent

    What did you buy today?

    This isn't quite what I bought, but I am so thrilled, I have to share it here. I have a bunch of brilliant mates that I met online, and we're all spread about across the country. It was a significant birthday for me recently (with a 0 at the end ;)) - and as part of my celebrations, I'd arranged to meet with a few of them. It turns out that as a group (so many more than those who I saw), they'd banded together and bought me the Haunted House as a present. :O I was absolutely astonished, and completely thrilled, as I had bought nearly every other item on my wishlist, and had reluctantly let the Haunted House go as I couldn't afford it. I saw online that it was likely to be discontinued, and it was with a heavy heart that I didn't buy it (I didn't have enough money) - so my jaw dropped when I saw they'd all banded together and bought it for me. As I said, I wouldn't ordinarily post something like this, but I was so thrilled....I still can't quite believe it now! I am super lucky to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends. :)
  3. Trent

    The new autumn forum skin

    Fantastic; great work. :)
  4. When I first got back into Lego, I was always slightly put out by the idea of people hoarding sets...Lego was sold to be built, and it felt like a shame that nobody was enjoying the set. Nowadays, I'm used to how Lego sells in cycles and that sometimes you have to pull the trigger on a set before you would've ordinarily purchased it. Maybe you see it on sale, or maybe it's about to end...but sometimes this happens before you can really afford your next purchase. That's why I have a few sets that are unbuilt - a great sale came around, or an EOL announcement hit, and I had to purchase those sets before I meant to. I also have one set that I thought was a good deal, so I bought it, but actually I didn't need two of them. I think I had designs on selling it, but it feels like too much of an effort. ...and I have a train set that's unbuilt - I bought a train set and loved motorising it, so I bought another with the intention of making a large railway...but that's gone on hold whilst I sort my Lego room. I think I would be amazed if you'd told me when I bought it that it would still be sitting unopened now. ...and then sometimes you get caught in a quandry. Let's say you get a great deal in March. You hoard the set until September because you wouldn't have bought it until September if it hadn't been on offer. Only now it's gone up in value. So now what do you do?
  5. Trent

    Favorite childhood theme?

    Pirates. I can still remember saving up my pocket money/birthday money to buy Broadside's Brig to go along with my Forbidden Island.
  6. Trent

    [MOC] Captain Redbeard (Roger) Maxifig

    I absolutely love this MOC. If you don't fancy going down the CUUSOO route, is there any way we could convince you to release the LDD file? I'd love to build him. :)
  7. This is amazing. It's a fantastic overall model, but the little features really make it stand out - I particularly love the angels.
  8. Trent

    MOC: Blooming Blossoms (Modular Building)

    This is awesome. :) I particularly love the plants and the back of the build...but it's fantastic all around.
  9. Trent

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Fantastic - that's a huge help. :)
  10. Trent

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Does anybody have an idea on how many litres an average 'adult' set takes up? I'm thinking of breaking up my modulars, Tower Bridge, Queen Anne's Revenge, all of my 80s Pirates collection, MMV, Joust, Lighthouse and all of the recent houses (e.g. Apple Tree House, Hillside House, Log Cabin etc). I know they're all wildly different sizes, but does anyone know what sort of size box they'd each require? I'm trying to decide between buying individual boxes (e.g. a 5 litre sandwich box) and putting a set loose in each, or putting all of the pieces into freezer bags and then lumping all of those bags into a huge box. (I've always had my built Lego on display, but now I have so much all over the house and in the Lego room, I can't actually see any of the table to build on!) Any insight would be really appreciated.
  11. Trent

    Attack of Native Americans

    Great work - and the bison are very well built! I really like the interior details, such as the bookcase, and the landscaping is very well done - the touches of different tan bricks add a lot.
  12. Trent

    MOC: History of the World

    This is wonderful. I thought the individual scenes were really well done, and I was really surprised to see the map of the world on the back - a very well thought out detail that adds a lot. I love the progression of the build...fab work!
  13. Trent

    Lord's London Underground tube station

    Fantastic work. As the others have said, I'm also not a fan of modifying bricks, but I can understand why and think you've done it sympathetically to the build. I also love the touch of the poster of the tube map.
  14. I love your underground train builds. Great work. :)
  15. Trent

    The NEW Pirate Forum Skin

    Looks very good - top work. :)
  16. Trent

    REVIEW: 10210 Imperial Flagship

    I can appreciate your dilemma - I have had mine MISB for two years, and I can't pull the trigger on opening it to build. The idea of being able to get Palace Cinema and the Restaurant instead, or the Opera House is weighing heavily on my shoulders.
  17. I am sure there must be topics on this, but I think I'm using the wrong search terms! I recently bought a job lot of Lego, which came with no instructions and no indication of which sets might be in it (or how complete they may be). I have discovered a few unique bricks whilst I've been sorting, and using those, I've been able to establish a couple of sets that must've been owned at one point. I've been trying to work out what the most logical way of cataloguing these pieces would be. Currently, I have accounts on Peeron and Brickset, and I have got the, "I own this set," markers. I know on Peeron, that enables me to see if I am able to build other sets from my collection, but I don't really use that function as all of my sets are complete and built. What I would like to do is catalogue the entirety of this jumble (I might be slightly mad, there's tonnes of it) so that I can see which sets I could build out of the pieces, preferably without requiring pieces from my existing complete sets. I'm guessing this might require a new account that's separate to my own complete sets? Or would require me to delete my complete sets from my collection? I think it would also be handy to have a record of which bricks I have, so that when I want to build an MOC, I can check on the computer to see if I have the parts required. So, how do you guys do it? Do you use a website such as Peeron, or do you have a spreadsheet, or is there a special programme that you use?
  18. Trent

    Special VIP Minifig Keychain?

    Thanks for looking, Rick. I knew it wasn't Charlieboy (I found the FAQ about custom titles), so I appreciate you looking into it. It's been a tough day, and I couldn't work out why someone had picked up on it and had seemingly made a joke out of it. Evidently Charlie and I must use similar language.
  19. Trent

    WIP: Eldorado 2013 XXL

    This is awesome; particularly your last update. Eldorado is one of my all time favourite Lego sets, so I can't wait to see what your beefed up version ends up looking like. So far, it looks excellent!
  20. Trent

    Special VIP Minifig Keychain?

    Why has the poster below me got part of what I said as his custom title? It feels a bit like someone's mocking the way I posted, which isn't very nice. I was only expressing my happiness at receiving a cool surprise from Lego in the post.
  21. Trent

    Special VIP Minifig Keychain?

    I was chuffed to bits to receive one; an awesome surprise and it really made my day.
  22. Trent

    Norwegian winter mountain village

    This is a wonderful model - it's inspiring! I love the ski jump, and the slope...the mountain must've taken forever! I particularly love all of the trees though...they're perfect.
  23. Trent

    REVIEW: 6259 - Broadside's Brig

    Great review! This is one of the few sets that I had as a kid - I remember buying it with my own money to complement Forbidden Island, although I was always disappointed that I couldn't get Eldorado Fortress to balance the fight. Although, thinking about it, I reckon Eldorado Fortress would've dwarfed Forbidden Island. Looking at the alternative builds, I think you could build a pretty cool fort if you bought multiples of this set.
  24. 1 x alligator (5) 1 x pelican (3) 1 x starfish (1) 1 x crayfish (1) 1 x toucan (1) 1 x seagull (1) 1 x starfish (1) 1 x crab (1) Lots of great ideas, and I can't believe I omitted monkeys and snakes, both of which I ordinarily love!