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    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    I fixed the problem, i opened both sbricks and cleaned the little 4 little spokes at the bottom and i also changed both wires (i had more laying around), then i connected the 2 motors with the 36 tooth gear to their own sbrick, and the 2 other ones + the servo to the other, i deleted and reinstalled the sbrick app, it might have had a problem because i updated to IOS 10 GM early.
  2. MLGwookie

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    to whoever built the model, are you having issues powering the car, i can't even drive 5 feet without it stalling, using x2 Li-po and x2 sbricks and have 2 L motors on each + servo on 1. batteries are fully charged and remote control profile has 2 motors inverted. i don't know what i'm doing wrong here. can anyone help? did anyone modify the Li-po battery to overpass the safety?