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  1. quark12000

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    But, Skrulls are shapeshifters. Why would he need a skin suit if he can shapeshift at will?
  2. quark12000

    What was the last movie you watched?

    We can't like both? (Lego and Mega Construx, I mean, not both Independence Day movies!)
  3. quark12000

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Want to get the city and Destiny's Bounty. Already have Master Falls (just to get a Garmadon). Nothing else is really jumping out at me, set-wise, but I did love the movie. I'm hoping for Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts minifigs!
  4. quark12000

    Star Trek

    For a site that freaks out when you mention the name 'Lepin', this endorsement of thievery is beyond the pale.
  5. quark12000

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Lego Ninjago Movie. Loved it! I've never seen the TV version, but I thought this was great. Right amount of humor and heart.
  6. quark12000

    Modular with the best interior detail?

    Café Corner.
  7. quark12000

    What was the last movie you watched?

    IT. Fun movie with some great young actors and a Pennywise that is as good as, if not better than, Tim Curry.
  8. quark12000

    Next UCS Set

    The Rogue One Y-wing is very nice, if you're looking for one.
  9. Sorry, I just can't justify spending this kind of money on a set that has such little interior space, such massive exterior space, so few minifigures, and bleedin' stickers! Is does, however, make me want a Falcon. I think I'll be getting the Force Awakens version.
  10. I'm thinking this will be the best selling Lepin set ever. ;)
  11. quark12000

    Lego (TLG) 's economic woes

    Their net profit dropped from DKK 3.5 billion to DKK 3.4 billion. Oh woe is Lego! Gimme a break.
  12. Still waiting for instructions.
  13. I should have been clearer. I meant the Force Awakens Falcon. And for those hopped up on the interior, it appears that there are only three small interior spaces, including the cockpit.
  14. Starting to be really torn on this set. PRO: Just look at the thing! CON: Outrageous price (Could get Ninjago City, Destiny's Bounty, the old Falcon, and whatever the new Modular will be for the price of this thing) Relatively small amount of minifigures Will take up a lot of space Flippin' stickers (seriously, are they kidding me?!) Still debating internally. Regardless, this will have to wait for tax rebate time.
  15. Eight hundred bucks and there are still f'in stickers?! You gotta be kiddin' me!