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  1. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Saw the Instagram ones but apparently I missed the mech and Aarons ship on pg 27. Thanks I scanned right over that link.
  2. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I have looked everywhere. Can't find them as well.
  3. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I don't mind the gold armor but the trans orange facemasks are terrible. If they were gold they would be very solid minifigures.
  4. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Does anyone have the different lego batman movie banes and can tell me which knockoff has the best one?
  5. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I agree, those legs suck. I hate that they don't just go all out on one minifig and make us mix and match with other figs.
  6. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I just got my xin daredevil. It's a solid figure.
  7. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I'm going to mod my captain marvel into a genis marvel. Can't wait.
  8. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Hey did you ever get those capes in? How are they?
  9. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I ordered the other one already as well. Looks like we are getting lots of figs from engineerio and popfunk, so that's good. I almost bought that suicide squad katana for 23.00.
  10. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Netflix Daredevil https://imgur.com/gallery/ETTYi I have no idea why the back is silver.
  11. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I have the new pogo daredevil. It's face has unneeded black spots on it, the back is weird because of how they made it silver and the legs are not dual molded and printed on black so the red doesn't come out as strong. I can post pics from my phone if you tell me a good avenue to use. Also i ordered the newer xn daredevil but it's still on it's way.
  12. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    SZ paradise and minifig clubhouse just closed again. Are there any other shops you guys would recommend?
  13. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    What state were you in? Something like this happen to me in Florida
  14. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I know xinh is usually the ones to go for, but how are the kopfs?