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  1. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    This base is really nice, very effectively replicates the lava, with the darker and lighter tones throughout. Most impressive I should say.
  2. haven't seen it here, but the proportions look way off
  3. I'm starting to think now, after all this very characteristic blabbering going on for pages about this, that it's a deliberate tactic from LEGO to have this set on the shelves without any explanation. They just threw the stone to the lake, and laughing about all the pointless theories born every second minute about when or where this ship will show up. This is slightly amusing. But more annoying.
  4. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    I don't want to start a flamefest here, but they definitely didn't make up for it. Compensated a bit maybe, the design was fine yes, and the critics, who were saying that "it's not star wars" because everything is shiny are ridiculous. If you're only looking at stills from the movies, it probably still looks good (minus the CGI-fest). If it weren't for the screenplay.... and that's from someone who also grew up with these movies. Now it's just another thing which when I see again, I say to myself: ...god, I had horrible taste growing up... but no regrets, because these Gungan-infested Lucas brain-diarrheas made me love Star Wars. But to stay on target...what kind of lights did you use? They do look awesome, perfect solution for lava
  5. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    I recently rewatched the prequels, and honestly, they are just getting worse with time. This fight in particular is ridiculously unnecessarily over-choreographed. But these films gave us at least unlimited memes :D But as for your MOC, that's flawless, although you should remove the capes as they are not wearing it for the duel. And you should make another shot with the iconic "high ground" scene
  6. This actually doesn't sound too bad, if it can be modded to fit the 2014 cantina (and why wouldn't it be). The bar can be extended, Han, with his new hairpiece looks much better (although I lost count how many of him I already have), and a sandtrooper is always a good addition to any collection. I'd be happy to get Wuher anyway. Maybe they update Greedo slightly as well, although I have nothing against the old one. If the price point proves to be true, it's worth it even at full price (probably not in my country, but I can wait for a discount)
  7. Custom UCS Y-Wing (Simplified)

    Oh come on, don't undersell it, it looks brilliant! It's an effective and sympathetically simplistic rendition of the craft, and while I admire the more intricate and complex builds that some are kind enough to share, this truly looks like that can be designed by someone who doesn't spend most of his free waking ours in rooms full of LEGO. (BTW, if you were more like some SW fans, you could justify the inaccuracies by concocting a 1000+ character backstory to the ship )
  8. Got into the holiday spirit, I got the advent calendar recently, never thought I'd be buying one 27 years old, but I've never had one until now. Plus after the hours of agony of selecting a nice calendar for the wife the other day, I thought I deserved a little treat It was also discounted at 25 CHF so why not. This year I've given the steering wheel to my wife to select me a 1000+ parts set for Christmas, so looking forward to see what it will be Until then I just have to be strong enough not to check my account on S@H....
  9. [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Nice! Great blend of proven designs and unique ideas, and definitely blows TLG-s horrible rendition out of the water. That's probably this year's biggest letdown for me too..
  10. Jedi Temple of the Old Republic

    Here's the list of the "Light sword" elements on brickset: https://brickset.com/parts?query=Light Sword - Blade I suspect not all on your list are genuine LEGO parts.
  11. Glorious.I can feel the pride and accomplishment flow through it.
  12. Sad but true. I would like to see a Battlefront II lootbox MOC for an added sense of pride and accomplishment.
  13. Not sure I understand, why is this Yavin? And what are the transparent tiles representing? (And the game is just so frustrating, but don't get me started on that...)
  14. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I searched but haven't found anything related to this: do we have any information on what promotions to expect from S@H in December?
  15. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    OR...what if the SNAKE IS SNOKE???!?!?!??? ok, sorry I'm finished