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  1. Not exactly up to date, but my latest is the UCS TIE for Christmas.
  2. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    oh, no, I'm so sorry, it was my mistake, I didn't realize I'm in this topic....
  3. MOC Eisley

    Good one, I plan to buy the new set as an expansion to my existing Cantina, but only on clearance, it's crazy expensive here for what it offers... (BTW those loosely connected bricks on the top are killing my OCD )
  4. Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    I LOLd so hard over this But to stay on target: holy sith, this is amazing. Not a big fan of this Rebels-shenanigan but this model is very impressive.
  5. Maybe I missed a beat, but I just saw on Brickset a 2018 set listed as 75214: Anakin's Jedi Starfighter? Do we know something substantial about that?
  6. Haven't even thought about this, but yes, it seems this is the new be fair, lego recreated it as best as they could, but this is just a weird design. Besides, I don't know what everyone in that galaxy has against wheels
  7. "him"??? A freudian slip maybe? As for the MOC it's nice, really effective in a pretty small scale. I particularly like the impact effect on the ground. The film itself is surely divisive, I still haven't made up my mind about it, needs a couple more viewings to really sink in. One thing is definite though, there were many shots worthy of paintings. Without being spoilery, that particular star destroyer scene....OMG (I'm sure who has seen it knows which one)
  8. Pretty sure it's considered as a spoiler...not a major one but still... I think the dreadnought is a pretty dull design, but should be easy to recreate in LEGO. Canto bight is similar to the Cantina in that the chances of an official set doing the original any justice are next to nothing, but I'd bet it will be released at some point.
  9. This. Is. AWESOME! Great Mod, and amazing control options, and on top of that, you made it available for free ?! You da real MVP!
  10. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    lol, it was totally worth it :) But looking at these figs what I realized is that we really need updated minifigs about these 2 guys..
  11. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    This base is really nice, very effectively replicates the lava, with the darker and lighter tones throughout. Most impressive I should say.
  12. haven't seen it here, but the proportions look way off
  13. I'm starting to think now, after all this very characteristic blabbering going on for pages about this, that it's a deliberate tactic from LEGO to have this set on the shelves without any explanation. They just threw the stone to the lake, and laughing about all the pointless theories born every second minute about when or where this ship will show up. This is slightly amusing. But more annoying.
  14. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    I don't want to start a flamefest here, but they definitely didn't make up for it. Compensated a bit maybe, the design was fine yes, and the critics, who were saying that "it's not star wars" because everything is shiny are ridiculous. If you're only looking at stills from the movies, it probably still looks good (minus the CGI-fest). If it weren't for the screenplay.... and that's from someone who also grew up with these movies. Now it's just another thing which when I see again, I say to myself: ...god, I had horrible taste growing up... but no regrets, because these Gungan-infested Lucas brain-diarrheas made me love Star Wars. But to stay on target...what kind of lights did you use? They do look awesome, perfect solution for lava