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  1. brobert

    Question Land Speeder sets 75173 vs 75052

    I would say the newer set from the standpoint of the speeder is not exactly a huge improvement. Yes, the curved tiles on the from look better, and the engines might be somewhat stabler, but it's not like the older Cantina set's speeder falls apart...and in the cantina set you get (part of) the Modal Nodes and, well...the Cantina :) I bought that set at the end of the production run discounted for about 80 CHF, I think it was worth it. Complemented with the newer small Cantina (also bought discounted) the two makes for a pretty decent Tatooine vignette. I don't think I would buy it for 130 though...
  2. Well, you wanna hear something funny? Here it costs 170 CHF, which is around 230 AUD :) I have checked a few conversion prices, and in S@H it's one of the most expensive here, New Zealand has it similarly bad, and Greece is even worse. Everywhere else where I checked is cheaper by at least 20 bucks.
  3. Word. Isn't the Future sets thread for stuff like this though?
  4. Whatever you just said...anyway this is indeed starting to get out of hand, don't know where this all started but you're right, people shouldn't get too carried away with this wild speculation, we've seen such threads blocked for this before...
  5. The castle does look good indeed, bit of a shame for the minifig selection, problem is it's way too expensive where I live. And S@H exclusive - for now at least - so no chance for a decent discount...probably better for family peace, I don't really know where I would cram it in anyway :D
  6. got a Tatooine BP to feed the addiction and extend my Mos Eisley display, the wait for a discount is just too long until I'll buy the Snowspeeder for Christmas...
  7. brobert

    [MOD] 75054 AT AT cockpit UPDATED!

    Great to see that older sets like this one are also getting some love, now I'm kind of in the mood to mod mine as well :)
  8. Unbelievable..did LEGO finally pull it off with the 4+ sets??? A range that will be bought for the target audience, and not swooped up by man/womanchildren like us???
  9. what do you mean 3 bucketheads? There are 3 different types of helmets, as far as I know. And in total there were 8 guards, paired by weapons. We got 2 helmet molds.
  10. both of them are in the dewback "microfighters"
  11. I'm not surprised about the build being lackluster - after all, this is a set aimed at small children, who are not old enough to nitpick all the details, but 3PO...why? Doesn't even make any sense to include him, not to mention the other set he's in.
  12. The Praetorian BP is expected, it's decent, but it's not great. 4 with 3 helmet types would've been nice, but of course that would be too good to be true. What I don't understand from TLG's perspective is why they include one helmet that's already been produced, and not the third kind, that could be bought as an expansion for the throne room set. Of course that would still leave the whole skirt vs. legs thing open, but would make more sense. (albeit more evil ) This probably means we won't get the 3rd mold at all, right? They probably feel the 2 types are similar enough not to warrant a separate mold for them? (A' la Imperial tank driver/Scarif trooper?) A bit disappointed in the Inferno BP as well, but Iden is without her helmet for the most of the game anyway (why would they hide that face honestly), so that's probably my only purchase for this wave. Maybe the microfighter with Maul, since I only have them on a keychain, and they probably won't produce a proper system scaled Infiltrator for a while, and with Solo bombing, doubtful he will ever return on the screen.
  13. Wait a minute, the picture brickset has of the inferno squad has the same body for all of them except Iden???
  14. brobert

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I don't think this is a good indicator so early either, but wouldn't surprise me. TBH, last year's was the first I bought, and even then I was on the fence, I have the minifigs displayed, and 2-3 normal micro builds, but to me as an AFOL who's more into display value, these have almost 0 appeal. Obscure characters, and versions of known ones that are already out 1000+ times. The small builds might be good for someone who has place to display like scale fleets and stuff like that, but they're all varying scale. I fully agree this is targeted at children, because let's face it, children want advent calendars, and it's a fun way to teach them to be patient. But then again, they don't buy the sets, their parents do.
  15. What I miss from the IS BP is the droid, it doesn't seem to be included. They could've just put that in as a small build and leave the 4th member as far as I've concerned. But, I'm glad to see they went the extra mile (more like mm) and actually included some weapon builds, instead of just plain stud-shooters. Is there a proper picture of the Darth Maul set that someone can share?