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  1. Got the Ach-to training, somewhat discounted, also recently picked up the Jedi and clone trooper and Imperial patrol BP,s quite satisfied with all of them. Also found some leftover A-wing pilot polybags in my local TRU, so snagged one of those as well for good measure.
  2. brobert

    MOC 10188 Death Star, 200+ LED's

    I never liked this set, but the LED-work is stunning. (Now you just have to learn 2 things: how to post these to Eurobricks, and ALWAYS shoot video in landscape mode )
  3. brobert

    What to do with stud shooters

    that's an interesting idea, I'll have a go at it, see how it looks. Only problem is they are black..
  4. OMFG, that is shocking to realize But yes, I am also of the prequel genearation, and in the past years I've bought on average 1 UCS set and 5-10 higher value sets, so I don't think that's a valid reason. But we're getting very off topic...
  5. brobert

    What to do with stud shooters

    I don't have many BPs but I also modded these abominations on the Imperial and the Bounty hunter BP, actually, the Bounty hunter weapons are even better looking this way than normal LEGO blasters. Some of mine are also pretty similar to yours, the one that you have 2 of.
  6. brobert

    Alternative model from the set 75198

    lol, jawas just got a whole lot more badass Not a fan of these little walkers, but considering the source set, it's pretty cool
  7. brobert

    [MOC] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    I don't think there's such thing as too many Executor MOC-s :D This is also gorgeous, amazing work!
  8. I do like the Y-wing and if I can get some place to put it, it's definitely a buy for me, but the thing I love the most about the set is the packaging. Namely how it confuses conspiracy theorists, who are still convinced that the next UCS set is always hinted on the box of the current one.
  9. Not exactly up to date, but my latest is the UCS TIE for Christmas.
  10. brobert

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    oh, no, I'm so sorry, it was my mistake, I didn't realize I'm in this topic....
  11. brobert

    MOC Eisley

    Good one, I plan to buy the new set as an expansion to my existing Cantina, but only on clearance, it's crazy expensive here for what it offers... (BTW those loosely connected bricks on the top are killing my OCD )
  12. brobert

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    I LOLd so hard over this But to stay on target: holy sith, this is amazing. Not a big fan of this Rebels-shenanigan but this model is very impressive.
  13. Maybe I missed a beat, but I just saw on Brickset a 2018 set listed as 75214: Anakin's Jedi Starfighter? Do we know something substantial about that?