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  1. ManitobaMoe

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 Edmond Dantes, cannot say enough on how he made the purchase so easy
  2. ManitobaMoe


    You have your legos in the paper, we need to have something :)Got the first 2 weeks. This week TRU has 30% off cars and technic
  3. I would have to agree with the ones you are interested in. I think that for scenery, there is so much more that they could do. My cousin use to spin cast for model trucks and has offered to spin cast me plates, i wonder if he would spin cast other things :)
  4. ManitobaMoe

    Canadian Eh?

    Most walmarts in winnipeg had s5. Think only 1 of the 5 i visited didnt have them. Nothing at TRU though
  5. Well i have never been really big into castle but i bought the village to add to my town and the new stuff blends into that nicely.
  6. ManitobaMoe

    Eiffel Tower

    Well bought the Effie Tower a couple of weeks ago from member on eurobricks and I am so glad i spend the money. It is so big that i dont know where i am going to put it. It is more impressive and better than i could ever imagine. I hope that Lego keeps releasing these masters of work as i can hardly wait to build the others i have. Just need to find the Statue of Liberty and base at a good price to round out the collection
  7. well bought the series one and the Eiffel Tower. Considering the tajmahal as well. thanks for making it easy to buy from you!! MM
  8. ManitobaMoe

    My town

    Your designs are so beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing !!
  9. ManitobaMoe

    Coldplay- Viva La Vida (In LEGO)

    that was so cool. great details!!
  10. ManitobaMoe

    Greetings from Canada!

    Welcome fellow canuck!!
  11. ManitobaMoe

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    I would like to recommend that Sokratesz be added to the list. I purchased some bricks from him and they arrived in good time with excellent packaging. This was the first time that i have ever bought something outside of ebay or bricklink and it went very well. Thanks so very much Manitoba Mie
  12. ManitobaMoe

    Is this a good deal

    I think that 15 bucks for the ferris wheel is a great deal. most of the pieces in that set are so common that it should not matter that 12 pieces are missing and who knows, you might for some of them in the 3000 pieces you buy from him. I say go for it
  13. ManitobaMoe

    Lego Town Rebuilding project - 2011 July

    Wish i had your kind of space and yes i have to agree, lego seems to get dusty fast :) Look forward to seeing your town as it grows
  14. ManitobaMoe

    Figure Repair Help!

    A very fine drill bit to drill it out. be careful though
  15. Interested in 10 of the orcs but what does the sword look like?