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  1. mistakecargo

    Range Rover Evoque + Instructions

    My jaw just permanantly dropped. Fantastic scale & line. I'll wait for instructions
  2. mistakecargo

    A Team Van

    Another awesome MOC. It's pleasure to see some sort of evolution of your MOC!! Finally your MOC is getting bigger and has more functions along with over 1700++ pieces
  3. Excellent work!! Beyond perfect!! Thanks for sharing all the contents Instructions are so clear! Someday I can follow your works By the way, the best part is flying headlight! It's faster than your 4 L-motor powered Porsche hahaha
  4. mistakecargo

    Ferrari FXX Supercharged V12

    My jaw permanently dropped! I will bet the wheels and tires come from famous 42056!
  5. mistakecargo

    [MOC] 1:12.5 RC Car

    Chade, my name is SH Kim and I'm from South Korea. I saw this Mazda at rebrickable and today I made my own. (I already finished your mini jeep and WIP on Black Devil.) The design was instantly recognizable and driving performance is beyond expectation. (especially small turning radius) But I changed white clutch gear to regular 24 tooth gear just because it slipped too often. I appreciate your clear, exact and "free" instructions I'll expect another your wonderful MOCs!!