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    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Owwwwwww, I'm so pumped up!! Gotta make a MOC to reconstruct my old RC car:
  2. Taris9047

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    Get 42055 and count how many rectangular frame parts you have now!! The BWE is also fun to play with. 42030 is also a nice to have. But you can buy PF parts separately from the Lego store. Note that the receiver in 42030 are not v2 but v1. Also note that the PF servo control with the controller bundled with 42030 does not work smootly. In fact, it's better to get SBrick with PF motors and battery packs separately unless you specifically need the huge bucket. 42043 is also a nice to have but you can now get those v2 pneumatic parts from 42053. It is nice to build and has tons of parts, though. If you are into cars, I would not recommend the Porsche (42056) since its price is holy cow grade and even instruction has wrong figure. Get 42039 if you want to MOC any cars and some people made up 3rd and 4th build(I've seen a muscle car and F1 racer) for 42039. With price of 42056, you can buy 42039[x2 amazon.com sells at 100]+42037+42050(that rear wheels!!)+some snacks to consume while you build them.
  3. Taris9047

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Maybe something like this? https://i.ytimg.com/vi/o3q888X2dmk/maxresdefault.jpg It is not lime green though. But I'm already excited to see how TLG implements tracked RC vehicle.
  4. Taris9047

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    I still can't understand what kind of 'Racing' can stand out of any tracked vehicles. But having any PF v2 would be interesting. Also, if that 'track' is not a confusion from 'race track', this set would be a Technic tank designer's delight.
  5. Taris9047

    [HELP] What Android phone to use with SBrick?

    My MOTO X PURE is working flawlessly. On Samsung Galaxy Note 4, if I turn off and on SBrick, it doesn't catch up but MOTO X PURE re-connects to SBrick perfectly. I guess the more close to stock Android, the better. So, maybe get a used Nexus 5?
  6. Taris9047

    [WIP] Bucket Wheel Trencher

    AWESOME I got a question though.. how long can a LEGO battery box run this model before shutting down itself? Mine usually stops after a few seconds while running two XL motors simultaneously with other motors like a few M motors for door opening and so on.
  7. Taris9047

    Warcraft 2 Micro Scale Human Township

    Start a board game franchise!!!... ehhhhhrrrrr... joke. But still, so nice!!
  8. i just finished the model and due to my crappy skill, the bucket wheel locks every 90 seconds or something. It moves again if I just 'touch' it but it's kinda annoying. Other than that, I'm gonna buy some Skittles to play with. I'm thinking about changing the tandem clutch gears with the same sized regular gears. Anyone tried it? Or, would it be better to just install a PF M motor at the wheel part? Great review!!