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    MOD: BNSF into ONR

    Very Nice MOD Jackson! Keep up building trains like this, or even try your own design sometime.
  2. legoguy475

    A handfull of cars

    Wow SerachFunction! These cars are amazing! Keep up the nice, detailed building ;)
  3. legoguy475

    Changing A Username

    Is there a way to change your username on Eurobricks? I'd like to have a much more meaningful name than something I came up with at 11 O Clock at night. Could I MOD or Admin please help?
  4. legoguy475

    4432 Garbage Truck Video Review

    What Lego Store did you get these at? Were they in the USA? And very nice review, also.
  5. legoguy475

    MOD: Another Genius Dan Aubin Production

    Very nice job Jackson233. I've been seriously considering doing something like this, except in the form on one of Norfolk Southern's B30-7A1 High Hood Units.
  6. I'm a huge Doctor Who geek. Actually, my brother and I have been doing a bunch of MOCs based off stuff from the series.
  7. legoguy475

    Lego Universe Sets

    I'd like to see a series of sets that contained the minifigures for Rank One, Two, and Three Faction Gear, Like a set that has all Assembly Inventor in Rank One, Two and Three Gear. Also would be cool would be a set of Maelstrom Enemies, like one of each type. Also, I would think about some other important sets such as Nimbus Plaza and the Avant Gardens Launch Area.
  8. legoguy475

    weirdest place you've found random LEGO?

    I randomly found a scratched up minifigure head on a tennis court a couple years ago.
  9. legoguy475

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    I have to agree with you on the Maersk being the best train Lego has done. However, it's actually more of a GP40-2 :P
  10. legoguy475

    MOC: Canadian National

    Yet again, a very nice job Brick-el. That looks a lot like an SD60M.
  11. legoguy475

    MOC: GP38-2

    How would I get the font and size right?
  12. legoguy475

    MOC: Blue & Orange General Electric

    I'm not sure what exact locomotive that is, but it looks to me like a C44-8W or a C44-9W. Very nice job on the locomotive by the way. Keep building these!
  13. legoguy475

    MOC: GP38-2

    Thanks for the ideas, 22kane. Also, do you know how I could do some Decals for it?
  14. legoguy475

    Why is LEGO so expensive?

    Thanks for posting that link. Its definitely written from an adult perspective instead of from some twelve year old who lied about his age and posted his stupid, annoying, pointless rant on Eurobricks. A very nice article.
  15. legoguy475

    MOC: GP38-2

    This is my MOC of GMTX 2189, a GP38-2. I'm also planning to do a SOO Line GP38-2 when I get some more red bricks. But you'll just have to enjoy this MOC for now. Enjoy!