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  1. davesbrickroom

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Bought the First Order Tie Fighter (75101) from Walmart on clearance for $35.
  2. davesbrickroom

    Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    My order shipped today also. I made my purchase at midnight as soon as the promotion started because I really wanted the Darth Revan. I am surprised how fast they ran out though. I heard that if you called after they ran out, they offered some people free VIP points to make up for missing out. Others got the First Order General polybag as a replacement.
  3. davesbrickroom

    [MOC] 8 wide MAN dump truck

    Nice! I can almost hear the diesel engine running!
  4. davesbrickroom

    BR 53 from Germany a small cousin from the Big Boy

    Nice! It's just like a real train! Cool layout too.
  5. davesbrickroom

    [MOC] Lamborghini Miura

    Wow, those look great! Especially for the scale! Tough to do!
  6. davesbrickroom

    The state of The Brick Show

    The Brick Show guys are running around and doing conventions/shows all the time whereas Jang puts his time into his channel, so their YouTube goals might be different. I watch Jang most of the time, but one thing I do like about Brick Show is their coverage of other people's MOCs at shows.
  7. davesbrickroom

    (MOC) Police High Performance SUV

    Awesome! I really like the aggressive style. If every police vehicle looked like that, there would be no crime in Lego City!
  8. davesbrickroom

    Volvo milk tank

    Nice! I like that the cab can fit two people!
  9. davesbrickroom

    Super hero customs

    Wow, great detail on each of those!
  10. davesbrickroom

    Decal Paper and Laser Printers

    I've had great success with Testors decal paper: http://www.testors.c...s/tools/decals/ I'm sure there are other brands that work equally as well. This paper says it is made for inkjet printers, but I use it with a laser printer. The trick is to print your decal image as a transparency. You can do this by selecting "transparency" as the paper type in the print dialog. This causes the printer to use a lower temperature to bond the toner to the decal paper. The lower temperature prevents the decal paper from being melted and creating a gooey mess in your printer. Here are some of the images that I've printed using decal paper ...
  11. davesbrickroom

    My new MOC Tramways, page 2.

    Wow ... these are very realistic looking! I like the LED addition too!
  12. davesbrickroom

    MOC: Arctic Supply car

    I really like the colors and the containers. Is there an Arctic Supply train in the works?
  13. davesbrickroom

    [MOC] Star Wars First Order Battle Tram

    Thanks everyone! It was really fun making this. I'll try to post a video of it zooming around on some track. LOL .. yeah, I came close to putting in some doors on the passenger cars, but I wanted to keep the lines simple and straight. I think the cars are a bit more sturdy that way too. To justify not having any doors, I convinced myself that the red windows are actually red force fields that can be turned on/off, allowing for quick deployment! ;)
  14. First time poster here with a custom build I did based on tramcars that I've seen in the past. I've always liked the look of these and I wanted to design one that looked a bit more bold. I came up with this design in LDD and built it to keep rowdy citizens in my Lego city in line! It runs on standard Lego train track and I made it flexible enough to handle tight turns and bumps in the track. Each passenger car can hold 4 minifigures (a driver and 3 troopers). More here ... https://www.flickr.com/photos/davesbrickroom/