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  1. [MOC] Porg

    Yeah now i have a idea of how to start building :D here is the ldd if somebody finds it helpful
  2. [MOC] Porg

    tried to fill the gaps from the ldraw import this is the result the instruction from ldd is as expected :D
  3. [MOC] Porg

    Still waiting for some parts to arrive, but i have no idea where and how to start building just from taking apart the file. This is what happens when you export as ldraw and import in ldd :D
  4. A friend in a german Facebook Lego Star Wars group makes them on request.
  5. [MOC] Porg

    Is there a way to make "instructions" out of files?
  6. Finally done. Big thanks to @Raskolnikov and @legolijntje for bringing this masterpiece to life.
  7. Thanks for the hint @Raskolnikov I think they're missing on our custom sticker sheet. But it had a UCS plaque:
  8. Nearly at the end of book 6