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  1. Cool shit dude! I'm a fan of transformers, and animations, and you did a really good job for this scale. Congrats. -T
  2. Tyndale

    Azog SDCC 2013 and Azog set 79104

    Oh my bad sorry for misleading you. But yes I would not get the SDDC, just save up and then buy it when you can, the big one I mean. And thanks for correcting me MAB. Tyndale
  3. Tyndale

    Post-Apocalyptic Forum

    Thank you all for your wonderful ideas. I understand it cannot be created right now, but that's not going to stop me from building. Again thank you for all of your advice. -T
  4. Tyndale

    Tutorials access

    Thanks Collet that's why I couldn't find it, and kcc, sorry I couldn't help. I remember reading about that rule Collet, but I guess it escaped my mind in the moment. Sorry to not be of aid kcc. Hope you have a good day though! Tyndale
  5. Yo! Quick question! Would you guys be cool with me posting some Post-Apocalytpic MOCs here. I'm assuming this is the right place for them? Thanks. Tyndale
  6. Tyndale

    Tutorials access

    Hey man sorry this took so long to answer, not a lot of people are active here and when they are they only check once in a while. I couldn't find the Welcome new member, start here page. Could you tell me where that is on Eurobricks. I'm actually kinda embarrassed I have to ask you this since I've been a member for some time and should know where it is. If you let me know, I might be able to help you. Again, sorry for the wait. Tyndale.
  7. Tyndale

    Azog SDCC 2013 and Azog set 79104

    Hey man! Yes there is a difference, and no, it's not the color, they're the same color. Their mouths are different. The Azog from SDDC 2013 has a relatively closed mouth, the Azog from 7914 has an open mouth, sort of screaming, mad. I would highly recommend 7914 as I have it, and it was a blast to build a mess around with. But if you just want to Azog figure and not the exclusive, Bard, Eagle, Thorin and other stuff in 7914 get the SDDC. Hope this helps! Tyndale
  8. Hey everyone! Tyndale here. I've been recently searching around Eurobricks for a Post-Apocalyptic building theme, or something somewhat relatively close to it and I could find none. That's probably one of my favorite types of themes to build in, and I'm sure people across Eurobricks somewhere must love this theme as well. So if anyone has any knowledge of a Post-Apocalyptic Theme, or something close to it, please let me and the others reading this topic know in the replies. If it doesn't exist, who knows we could try to figure it out, maybe create one even, but I don't want to get to ahead of myself. Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day! Tyndale
  9. The design for the ship is perfect. I will be purchasing the instructions sometime in the near future, along with the parts needed. Thank you so much for this awesome replica of a beloved ship from the Star Wars Franchise. Happy building everyone! -T
  10. Tyndale

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I'm a guy who jumps all over, I've been through most of the themes... and then I stumbled along here. I'm a long time Star Wars fan, and still am, and I'm quite surprised at myself for only having, through my 8 years of Lego building, only acquired 5 Star Wars sets, 2 of which have been sold. Other than Medieval MOCS. Star Wars is the best one, in my opinion next. So I come here with just one question. What would be some good starter sets, for me, and average builder with about 2-3 years of MOC experience, who likes to recreate scenes from the movies? I like to recreate the scenes and I then make brickfilms. Also, I'm trying to get into ship building, so some helpful tips for that would be accepted as well. So, what are some great sets to start of my Star Wars MOC experience? Any advice is appreciated. -T
  11. Tyndale

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Hey! I've probably read this page like 20 times and I'm still confused on what to do. (Noob alert). I understand the backstory and that you have to join a group. But I have no other idea what to do from there. If someone could help that'd be great. Thanks, and I can't wait to play this awesome game. -T
  12. Tyndale

    (Moc) Umarak Kai

    Sick build man, just beautiful additions to an already beautiful figure. Lol, the other Umarak is so freaking big, this guy makes him look like a bug now. I love that you added more of that swamp green color, probably my favorite lego color. Great overall build man. Peace. -T
  13. Tyndale

    First Generation Bionicle Rebuilds

    Jesus... That thing at the end is... beautiful. Nice builds by the way. T
  14. Tyndale

    Greetings Good Sirs (and Women)

    Wow!!! Lego Train 12 Volts! I love your builds man! You have a gift. And thanks. Deuces. P.S.: Most posts will be on The Action Figures Forum and Guilds of Historica. Thx again! T
  15. The Elite Pratoreon Guard looks really sick! Waiting to get him right now. I really like the cape, for his bottom area, legs and all that. Also his weapon looks amazing! My least favorite out of these would have to be Rey. Her face mold is... okay. But her arms make her body look male. If I get her I'll probably redesign her arms and then probably post it here. These are just my personal opinions and I can't wait to read others. Rankings (My opinions): 1. Elite Pratorean Guard: Overall, just a good, sleek design, makes him look like a boss! 2. Baze: His figure is just the best! Like in the movie, he looks like a heavy gunner, which he is, and his upper torso design is great! Awesome build! 3. Elite Tie Fighter Trooper: Even though he's third, I still really like him. I feel like he gives this Constraction series the extra, umphh, it needed. Really a great addition to the collection. 4. Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike: Although where I live this costs $50, but I'd still get it just for the bike. The Scout Trooper is okay, but I'd really just get this for the Speeder Bike. 5. StormTrooper Commander: This figure is pretty alright. Although I really like his head mold, new mold I'm guessing, and his cape that goes over his shoulder. (Not really a cape). His build is pretty cool. 6. Scariff Trooper: This guy is sixth just because I'm not really feeling his color scheme. I don't really like his design, and he was kind of a letdown. 7. Chewbaca: Honestly, this figure kinda scares me! Don't get me wrong I really like the new fur molds, but his face just creeps me out. I don't want that out on my dresser at night, staring into my eyes... Jeez! 8. Chirut Imwee: Sorry buddy! You were sick in the movie, but here you just suck. His arms, like Rey's are ridiculously bulky (slim it down Lego!) and his bow build looks to big, not like the long, sleek one in the movie. Probably, not getting him. 9. Rey: Rey being the new heroine to the Star War movie, really made me like it. The actor makes a great Rey! But there are so many letdowns in this set. Her arms are to big, her face doesn't look right, and it just doesn't really fit in. Sorry. Please keep in mind these are my opinions, feel free to reply to this. And have a wonderful day. Deuces. T