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  1. I gotta say, I didnt have a ton of interest in getting 42100 for some reason, but your model completely changes that - Bravo!
  2. Full disclosure, I do not own 42069, but I like it, especially seeing some of the RC potential it has. That said, at least here in the States you can usually find 42054 discounted at least 20% and frequently 30%. Comparing 42054 at ~$130 USD versus $180 for 42069 I think its a no-brainer to go with 42054. From a mod potential standpoint 42069 may win in terms of the actual model, but with 42054 you have all the possibilities the PTO offers and create all kinds of attachments. Just my 2 cents...
  3. I'm going to pick up either 42052 and 42053 today after work. Playability is a factor as it will primarily be played with by my 4.5 year old. We do have 42043 already (which he loves) and the bucket mechanism seems very similar on 42053. I do have plenty of spare PF parts so I would probably motorize 42053 but i almost think the pump may be cool for my younger one as he would be more "hands on" making it work. 42053 seems like it may have more modding potential (treads might be a simple mod). But on the other hand, who doesnt love a helicopter!? 42052 just seems like a much more impressive for only slightly more money and I havent had a big Technic helicopter since 8856 way back in the day. In terms of overlap, we do already have 42061, 42049, 42023 and 42030. What do you guys think???
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    I'm kinda surprised this is the first post to even graze the Sbrick/BuWizz discussion. I tend to lean towards the purist side of things but my recent experience with the BuWizz (full disclosure: non Li-po owner, and BuWizz + buggy = win) and I will never have an issue going that route over a V1 IR receiver. Is that a lesser level of modfication? What ab third party tires? I recently purchased third party insturctions for a certain rocket launching tuck that called for hacking some pieces by page 3, I just tossed them right there. Is that hypocritical?
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    How do you manage your lego collection?

    I have a hard time staying disciplined with keeping my parts in order so was looking for the easiest system to keep organized. I ended up going with the simple tackle boxes with adjustable dividers like these: https://www.amazon.com/Plano-23600-01-Stowaway-Adjustable-Dividers/dp/B011ZXH43Q/ref=pd_lpo_200_bs_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=K2KRB0W9HWVAGQAV9B69 or these: https://www.amazon.com/Plano-2-3700-Stowaway-Adjustable-Dividers/dp/B011ZXH9FE Perhaps best of all they are only around $2.00-$6.00 (USD) depending on size and if you want a water tight lid (obviously not usually a necessity for this purpose). I started really just looking to organize Technic pins, axles, gears and connectors, but I quickly expanded to lift arms and now have pretty much my entire Technic collection under control. I have now just started working on our System Bricks last week and so far I think the approach works just as well. A big advantage of these boxes (particularly for Technic) is being able to know what you have in a given box at a glance. If I just need some spare Technic pins/connectors its one box, if I just need some lift arms, its another. Then the gears/axles/PF motors are in another box. And these boxes come in various depths and sizes and with static or movable dividers depending on how you want to organize each box. The only downside is if I want quick access to parts that are spread among say 3-4 of the larger boxes at once, space for actually building can get a bit tight. I should add that i favor sorting by part type/size/bricklink category and not color. Also, my collection of spare parts is probably not as huge as many on here - I'll put it this way, each of my bricklink orders seems to be bigger than the last, and they are getting more frequent, but I'm not quite ready to sign up to be a seller ... yet. I don't know that this system would work as well for a big bricklink seller.
  6. It was a very, very slippery slope indeed. While its still available (and often at a discount), don't discount the MB Arcos 42043. I kind of thought the idea of a generic truck that didnt even have RC functions was boring compared to the loader, but I'll tell you it makes a fantastic companion to the Volvo, and the size is seriously impressive - not to mention the pneumatic functions. Easily modded to have varying degrees of RC functionality too.
  7. +1, this was my first major build after coming out of the dark ages (and my first power functions experience) and I mounted the Servo wrong, it is a royal PITA to fix. Some people complain about the jerkiness of the steering itself due to the servo motor and there is a mod to use linear actuators coupled with an M-motor on the 350F MODs and Improvements page (here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/91625-42030-volvo-l350f-mods-and-improvements/&page=6). Personally it doesn't bother me too much (other than it reverting to being turned on account of my mounting the servo wrong), plus you could also just get the Train IR remote (Part 8879) for around $15 which has allows the servo motor to have several degrees instead of the "all or nothing" that creates the jerky turning.