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    [MOC] Roman army going to war

    Yeah I just made a whole bunch of ebay & bricklink purchases :) And yeah the tree in the back is not the best, I tried a few tree techniques, I am still learning so I'l try as many new stuff as I can. Thanks, I honestly have not yet figured out how to add details to bigger builds. I often find myself trying to get the scale to work, and somehow never manage to add the details. Any tips on balancing the 2? Amm perhaps, I did buy them from bricklink/ebay so they may not be authentic lego. But they should be... So I have no clue. Thanks :)
  2. Hello Everybody, So excited to finally post my very first moc. This is a little scene of roman warriors leaving their home town to leave to war. They are all gathering and moving to the port and ship off to conquer some new land. Hope you like it. Any advice, tip or anything is SUPER appreciated. Hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by!
  3. zsincze

    HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    This looks insane. I can't even wrap my head around how amazing this whole set looks. Amazing job.