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  1. REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars 9496 – Desert Skiff

    Should Luke have a black (robotic) hand? :-/ By the way: very good set! :)
  2. Eraser wins - Flawless victory ! ! ! :) Thank you guys!
  3. Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    1 by lego-maniac - 2 points 11 by whataboutlego - 1 point Good work guys! :) ..and thank you!!
  4. Thank you very much for your answers! So Brasso won't affect the red base material of Uruk's head?
  5. Hi guys! I hate double faced lego heads since you cannot use them or display them without helm or hairs. Did someone try to erase one of the two prints? I would like to keep only one face in my Uruk-Hai mjnifigs ... Thank you! :)