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  1. NielsVV

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I wonder what bricklink will do when the 1000th unique star wars figure is released. would they simply add a number? Like for example sw1008...
  2. Ok, if its a misprint, then is it clear to me. Now I can order the parts on bl. Thanks for the help. When I have build it, I will post a photo of the result in this thread.
  3. Ok, but what's at the bottom of the page? I understand the portrait is 2 studs deep, but why/how is the white brick in the middle of 2 - 2 higher?
  4. Thanks imvanya, but what you told me, I already knew But still, I don't understand how to build this. Think I will print it out and take it to a club meeting to ask someone in person.
  5. Hi, I downloaded some portrait instructions from rebrickable but don't understand them. Can someone explain me how to read these? Thanks, Niels
  6. What do you mean? Did you glue the bricks? Or where the bricks still holding very well?