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  1. WPE

    [MOC] Airbus A320 & ATR-42 Aircraft

    Great Planes! I like 'm both but have a slight preference for the ATR. Really beautiful.
  2. WPE

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 1973

    Beautiful model. Great resemblance to the full scale RSR!
  3. Wow, this is really amazing! I've always been a big fan of Technic but this is an absolute masterpiece.
  4. Hi Andrea, Thanks for your reply. In fact, I made this model also looking as a regular 914. Which is, a white one with either white, black or grey bumpers. Also the panels on the targa bar were black, with chrome (grey) curved fairing at the back. I think it would be perfectly possible to make it as the car on the photo, except maybe for the wheels. Is it yours? I don't have all the pieces needed but give me some time to "modify" the CAD model. I'll post some screenshots on Pinterest when I'm ready.
  5. If I can find the time, I might give it a go. But I'm not that experienced in Lego. But for what it's worth, I love your NSX model. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Colours used on Creamsicle cars are called Light Ivory and Phoenix Red. The latter however is a reddish orange, usually judged to be more orange than red. Hence my choice to use orange instead of red. If one likes, all orange parts can be replaced by red ones but looking at photos and real examples, I'm sticking to orange. Other colours that this model can be built in are Orange, White (both derived from this one or course), Red, Black, Yellow and Gray. The Black and Yellow combination would make building of the other Limited Edition, the "Bumblebee" possible as well. @ Gray Gear: Thanks for your comments. Appreciated. I know about the pins on the side messing up the look. I tried to cover them but that didn't work. I do need the liftarms however to make the chassis/body as on the real car while giving it enough strength and stiffness.
  7. Quite some time ago I entered my Porsche 914 on this forum, on which I got much appreciated comments. It took a lot of time to implement proposed changes and netxt, getting hands on the bricks needed. It's done however, just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the model, first appearing in 1969. I took the liberty to built one of the Limited Edition variants of 1974, the so called Creamsicle. Overall proportions are improved, this model can be converted into all variants that have been made of the 914, including the 914-GT, 914-8 and the 916. Like the first model this one has: Porsche suspension in the front, cheating the torsion springs by real springs hidden under the chassis, Working Ackermann steering, Working headlights, single but also dual headlights as once used on one of the two 914-8's fit, A working gearbox, but with only 2 gear ratios Fully adjustable seats but I've built an eualy interior as well in which the passengers seat is fixed while the drivers' seat is reclining, An engine bay, accessible through the glove box, with a flat 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine, battery and a blower used to help getting the cabin heated, And next to the engine lid, the doors, and both trunk lids can be opened. Somehow I can't insert more photos but there's more on my Flickr account Porsche 914 Creamsicle. Looking forward for your comments and/or replies, hope you enjoy this model Kind regards, Wilbert
  8. 7: 10 1: 6 11: 4 3: 3 10: 2 17: 1 All really great entries but I had to make a choise. Above are my votes. Good luck to all entrants.
  9. Hi everybody, Thanks for all the nice replies :classic: . I'm not that experienced as you all so your comments are really appreciated. It took me quite a long time and a lot of tries. As for the dimensions, the car could (should) be made 1 stud wider. I tried to get a realistic drivetrain in so the rear overhang is also a stud off. Keeping the ratios of front and rear trunk more or less intact, I therefore increased the front overhang also. I did however try to mask the lack of width of the body by putting the fenders outward a little. And I'm also not satisfied with these ugly fenders. I don't have a lot of tiles but when I can find some time, I'll start tinkering with the CAD model to try to "cover" the studs. I started using lift arms making the trunk lids but that didn't work out; I do like the idea of using tiles. And as for this forum: wow! Never seen so many beautiful models. I'm quite attracted to Porsche and I've seen quite some amazing models entered into the contest. Thanks again; now I'll try to convince my son to let me keep his bricks a little longer . P.S. please don't worry about mis-using the axles as torsional springs: by removing a pin, I can relax them and get all torsional tension out. It was just a try to get a realistic suspension as possible.
  10. Porsche 914 Oooww, browsing the internet (again) looking for Porsche 914’s made of LEGO I came to this forum. Some time ago I posted my MOC of a Porsche 914 on another forum but that doesn’t seem to be so active as this one. Too late for the contest – why didn’t I find this forum earlier – but none the less my first entry to this forum, my Porsche 914, scale 1:8. It’s made around a load carrying monocoque body as the real one which allowed me to built all variants of the 914: the 914/4, the 914-6 but also the 914-8 with dual headlights. I’ve encluded a picture of the 914-8 displayed on the front hood of an actual ’74 914/4. Since the old posting I’ve made some refinements to the model; it includes: Trailing arm suspension in the rear Porsche suspension in the front mis-using an axle as a torsion spring Working headlights, single or dual Working Ackermann steering A working gearbox, but with only 2 gear ratios Fully adjustable seats An engine bay, accessible through the glove box, with a flat 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine And next to the engine lid, the doors, and both trunk lids can be opened. A Triad exhaust on the 4 and 6 cylinder engine I hope you like the model, looking forward for your comments and/or replies, Kind regards, Wilbert 914-8 on the front hood of a ’74 Porsche 914 2.0 The model is built using parts from mine (old, with studs) and new, my son's stud-less, LEGO technic. On the inside of the open door an armrest and mock window crack are shown. My son pointed out that there should be a mirror on the drivers' side door. It's in the picture but wasn't on the old MOC, the first try. A view on the engine through the "glove box". Some details of the cockpit are also visible. On this CAD picture, the suspension and transmission are shown in detail. It's a picture of the "old" MOC; in the new the cooling air guides on top of the engine have been changed a little. The headlights can be raised and lowered by turning a knob on the center console that came with the appearance group package. Note: this is a picture of a 914/4 with bumpers in the same colour as the body. I didn’t have the parts to make a bumper with auxiliary headlights so no picture of that variant. But I’ve made that variant in CAD and put it on the last 914 variant, the 914 GT. Here you can see the 914-6 parked next to my son's 911 GT3 RS to show more or less the accuracy of the scale.