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  1. CedBricks

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    On top of that, we should also note the coral that are hidden under the island/boat. Scientifically speaking, these are animals ;-)
  2. CedBricks

    [MOC] Wolfpack Ambush

    Hello everyone, First of all, sorry for the not so great quality of the picture. This is my first MOC based on the Castle theme and I've decided to go for factions that I played with as a kid. It looks like the Dragon Knights are in trouble as they encountered the fearless Wolfpack in the woods! Happy building y'all!
  3. CedBricks

    [MOC] Medieval Blacksmith Shop

    Outstanding MOC!
  4. CedBricks

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    A genetically modified hamster will appear in a new Overwatch set
  5. CedBricks

    The destruction of King's Landing

    ahahah thanks for the good laugh
  6. CedBricks

    Realms of Wytheria

    Right, now we're impatient to see some images of Wytheria in Lego form
  7. Neat! It does the trick for sure, really good build!
  8. CedBricks

    Lego Techno Union Ship Moc

    wow, that is a great build!
  9. CedBricks

    [MOC] Roman Ambush

    Very cool build! Are they Boromir and Aragorn getting ready to attack those roman legionnaires?
  10. CedBricks

    [MOC] Persian Drylands

    Really like the technique used for the small bush!
  11. Very useful thread! Thanks a lot!
  12. CedBricks

    [MOC] Medieval Trade Cog

    Very cool little build, goes perfectly with the nice old minifigs.
  13. CedBricks

    [moc] Hadrians Wall

    Fantastic work! And great idea, Antiquity hasn't been depicted in Lego very often, good job!
  14. CedBricks

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Yes, duck seems to be a rubber duck, unfortunately.
  15. CedBricks

    [MOC] Medieval Tower by the Sea

    Fantastic MOC!