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  1. CedBricks

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Yes, duck seems to be a rubber duck, unfortunately.
  2. CedBricks

    [MOC] Medieval Tower by the Sea

    Fantastic MOC!
  3. CedBricks

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    The "new" alligator in what appears to be tan colour is fantastic!
  4. CedBricks

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Not bad at all mate, keep up the great work, look forward to seeing your castle when it'll be done
  5. Good MOC! What happened to the snow trooper? Is there a hidden Wampa somewhere in your MOC?
  6. CedBricks

    LEGO Pirates Display

    Fantastic display!
  7. CedBricks

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    Reminds me of the good old days Thanks, nice video
  8. CedBricks

    Moc LotR Diorama

    Fantastic, looks great!
  9. Do you mean there is a brand new animal mould AND a new cat mold for the apocalypse cat, or do you mean the new animal mould is the apocalypse cat?
  10. CedBricks

    [MOC] Hoth Echo Base

    Fantastic MOC!!!
  11. CedBricks

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    Lego Ideas' rules are very clear regarding licensed themes. The fact that the wonderful Minas Tirith models you are referring to were indeed rejected does not necessarily means that Lego will never make one ;-)
  12. CedBricks

    10264 Corner Garage

    This new modular looks fantastic! Looking forward to building this bad boy!
  13. CedBricks

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Thanks my friend, found it. It looks great! Smaller than I thought, actually more realistic than most small animal moulds in my opinion.
  14. CedBricks

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Would you be so kind to share with us the set number ?