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  1. 4 minutes ago, hvader said:

    Haha this reminds me of the 2019 Marvel sets where Peter and Scott had the same face print

    A thing that should never happen again! Hahaha I love this Marvel theme now more than ever, they put so much effort and I hope it’s not the end of the line, we continue to bring this in 2022 sets! 

  2. 6 minutes ago, TheLEGOChap said:

    Anyone else notice who’s in the top right of the art on the bags? It’s only Wolverine!! Certainly very interesting!

    Infinity Saga sets does have this detailing on the box, it’s all the marvel character figures even in the comic ones, look at the spiderman figure.

  3. 3 minutes ago, CF Mitch said:

    Quick question;
    Is T'Challa sporting a new hairpiece? At first glance, it looks different both from what we have so far and Sam Wilson's hair...


    Yes it’s a new piece. It’s kinda short on the back too, still hoping we get alternate face print for serious one.

  4. 43 minutes ago, Moon_Knight said:

    Concerning Zombie Cap and Cap Carter - This may already be old knowledge but will Zombie Cap have Cap's helmet piece or just a printed mask? Also, will Cap Carter have the mask in the image @Scarilian shared above or no mask?

    It has been mentioned that Cap Zombie will have his helmet, and as for Captain Carter it’s a face printing.

  5. So once again, I had talk to Promobricks in the anticipation of upcoming Marvel CMF Disney+

    Zombie Captain America - the skin color is kinda tricky as it has been seen in the trailers, so right now they can’t tell if it’s aqua blue or ghastly pale green (Sally Disney CMF) or it could also be glow in the dark. Plain white is also a possibility.

    His head has this color, his right hand, his left arm and his right under leg. More than that his suit is torn, so there are some torn parts in this color printed on his torso and both of his upper legs. The legs are dual molded upper parts are both dark blue, right under part is in that that aqua/ghastly pale green color, left leg is red. His right arm is dark blue with aqua/ghastly pale green hand, left arm is aqua/ghastly pale green with red hand. Obviously we won’t be able to reuse any parts for our existing cap figures.

    Captain Carter/Britain - Her arms and legs are more likely to be reused. But they are printed and I don’t know if there is any print Cap America that will be on point. For example she has a red stripe on both knees. But yes, her legs are dual molded as well with brown boots.

    She has different hair than in the Hydra Stomper set, and they would say it’s a new piece. Then again they aren’t so sure about it.

    Star Panther / T’Challa - As for his helmet it looks new. At least it has black hair. It resembles his curls and could be new, but the old helmet looks very similar so it could be just a recolor.

    Unfortunately, they can’t tell anything about the face. I just hope they put effort and justice to our first and probably last T’Challa face printing. Fingers crossed* 

    While they are very reliable in these kind of information, I understand that severity and they can’t fully claim the information, we just have to be thankful in getting insights like this.

    Thanks for reading everyone! :wink:


  6. 3 hours ago, Brick Cucumber said:

    Given that Bandmates has been able to make a hairpiece like this
    I kind of expect Gamora to have the same. If not, this one would work as a good substitute.

    Same hair before, I already asked this to Promobricks.

    And it still has the purple strands. 

  7. 2 hours ago, ood0 said:

    Be funny if it was a laptop and he was googling what the Ship of Theseus is

    Do you mean just the end? Like the wings are this and nothing else besides the backpack they connect to?

    This piece in grey, but printed in blue and red, will server as the wing tips. 

    Here’s what Promobricks has to say when I spoke with them:

    That’s pretty hard to describe. The neck piece looks totally new to me. It’s printed and pretty big. On both ends there is a bar where you can attach 2 LEGO flag elements as the wing tips. And there is a triangular printed tile attached to the neck piece. I guess that shall be red wing (his drone)

    Printed pieces will be nice! So I’m looking forward to him too.

    3 hours ago, hvader said:

    I understood it as the plastic flag pieces that were used for IW Falcon

    You’re right. Those flag piece. No one said, cloth pieces lmao.

  8. Just now, BrickBob Studpants said:

    Good question. I thought they‘d use the Uruk-hai sword piece like in the Sanctuary II set, but apparently not :shrug_oh_well: Most of the newer Ninjago-exclusive weapon pieces come in accessory bags, so it has to be an older piece, unless they want to bombard us with bonus weapons :head_back:

    Interesting fact that I had to re-read the chat with Promobricks and yeah it could be Uruk-hai sword, coz what’s exactly they said is: (From Ninjago, I guess) implying that they aren’t sure so.. we’ll see. Eitherway, it takes away my excitment knowing it’s a brick built.

  9. 1 minute ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    If Croki doesn't have a crown piece...

    I want to love this series as much as I can, but some choices they made are terrible, I just want to see the full series to properly judge it.

    It's probably some kind of SWORD laptop or device.

    You might be into something buddy. Yeah. Could be it. It’s a printed piece Promobricks said.

  10. Okay so hear me out, so had a talk with Promobricks and they confirmed the accesories for WandaVision figs:

    Scarlet Witch - comes with the power blast pieces in RED. They specifically said that Wanda’s cape isn’t black. So the leaks isn’t correct but I think some of us already know it. She’ll have dark red cape.

    White Vision - a Lego book piece the top part is transparent and inside there’s 1x2 tile. (My own speculation: I’m suspecting it to be the book Wanda uses for the chaos magic, the darkhold.)

    Monica Rambeau - the helicopter/drone they did use to lure Wanda - colors are mainly red probably they choose the one that Wanda already transform inside hex.

    Some additional information:

    -Cloth cape for Spiderman, with Peter’s head 

    - Same shield for Bucky.

    - No cloth piece for Slyvie.

    - Peggy’s tesseract is not the same as the What If? set. More like two 1x1 stick together 

    - Gamora’s armor will be printed. No actual mold for armor and be disappointed with dual blade as it consist of lightsaber hilt and two ninjago blades.

    All these information from Promobricks, I know you’ll be reading this post guys. Thank you so much and thank you for doing this for the community. :wub::grin_wub:


    PS. Cap’s wings is consist of old wings piece (flag element) but printed also red wings will be printed on his back too! 

     HOT ISSUE: Croki might not even have the crown and it breaks my heart :sad::damn:

  11. Just now, PhoenixBuilder said:

    Apologies if I'm just forgetting, but are there supposed to be accessories with Vision and Monica in the CMF?

    I remember talking to Promobricks they personally told me there’s gonna be accesories for WandaVision figs but when I asked what are those, they didn’t gave me an answer.