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  1. 39 minutes ago, mgetz said:

    I always thought it was

    Ironman 2= MK1

    Ironman 3= MK2 (Iron Patriot)

    Avengers: Age of Ultron= MK3

    Civil War= MK4

    Infinity War= MK5

    Endgame= MK6

    Endgame= MK7 (Iron Patriot II)

    Ironman 2 was Mark 1 yes, but we didn't get an official minifig of that. Technically Mark 2 and Iron Patriot V1 is the same just repainted.

    In AoU he is still using Mark 2. Story and merchandise wise, we didn't see any glimpse of Mark 5.

    And yeah, probably Iron Patriot V2 can be considered as Mark 7.

  2. Just now, Ghostcat said:

    Its a bit insane how we have FIVE sets this year with the exact same Ironman in though. Heck why not slap in a suit-less Tony ?   Im going to be shocked if Armory ends up being the sixth set with this suit!

    I'm leaning towards of it being a pure MCU set. No Enix suit hahahaha hopefully! 

  3. The Tower is by far the best set in this wave of Avengers with "twist" sets. I super like it and probably the only one I'll get. 

    I dunno if this has been said, but those new suits looks to me as Blue Steel and Hot Rod (tho not MCU) it's always welcome to have new suits to put in Hall of armor, I'd be glad to take more of this on the rumored Ironman set HOA expansion.

    The Hulkbuster gives a nostalgic vibes to me. That's straight from the old Toybiz Marvel Legends toyline. It's nice but I don't think the Rescue suit can force me to buy it. We'll see. 

    I don't want to talk about the helmet, I was rooting for it but I'm disappoined with we got. BIG TIME.


    Now, I'm looking forward for that Hall of armor expansion set! Could give us previous Ironman vibes to it.

  4. I understand that for some people another Ironman set kinda sux, but for kids it's cool and given how popular Ironman is nowadays, it's the norm and Lego will keep on doing it because he's Ironman and MCU.

    It's probably gonna be a long shot but getting those suit/armors teased in stickers from the OG one will be epic. But I think Mark 2 is on the top list of most wanted suit.

  5. 40 minutes ago, benderisgreat said:

    Wow Hd pictures show that Black Widow has arm print!!! How come it's the first time since 2012? She is really nice figure, but why did Lego wait so long?!

    Probably one of the many perks being on the top 5 selling theme. I guess our hard work somehow pays off. I'm glad to see arm printing. 

  6. Just now, HarryVader said:

    I think tower is $90, so it's cheaper

    I'd be happy if they make a new Taskmaster variant

    For all we know the tips are we getting new Nick Fury, but this is FFH. It's really hard if you let your emotions invest with the possibility, it should be the lowest possibility you can think of. LOL.

  7. Just now, HarryVader said:

    In my world of fantasy, the two minifigs are Taskmaster and Zemo, or even a new big fig Thanos, but in reality, prob just AIM/SHIELD agents or Thanos mech Thanos...

    I can see TaskMaster happening, then again 2 of Ironman is repeat even tho there's plenty of armors in the game. Oh gawd. This is awful. Atleast give us variants for the minifigure if they can give us good builds. What is happening is, they're giving us 1-2 good figures then that's it.

    Is the tower more expensive than hellicarrier?