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  1. Hello Guys I would like to introduce my new MOC: Mack ANTHEM tractor with Lowboy-trailer LANDOLL 825A-EG. The transported object is the Sikorsky H-19 CHICKASAW helicopter in the colors of the U.S. Air Force. Mack ANTHEM: LANDOLL 825E-AG: Sikorsky H-19 CHICKASAW: Model functions - Mack Anthem - front axle steering - movable engine pistons, wheel setup 6x4 - bonnet tilting - openable doors Model functions - LANDOLL 825E-AG - detachable gooseneck - side extensions Model functions - Sikorsky H19 CHICKASAW - both rotors powered by 2x PF M-motors *** !!!My FLICKR Image-Gallery!!! *** THE HELICOPTER TRANSPORT: Mack ANTHEM: LANDOLL 825E-AG: SIKORSKY H-19 CHICKASAW:
  2. Hi Guys! I finished my new model. I didn't hold on to any real car, but it is similar to the old classic Chevrolet Bell Air / Impala. There's nothing to open, it's just a riding model. Drive / Turn = standard L-Motor / Servo. There is a 1:1 transfer from the L-motor to the differential. photos: FLICKR
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    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    If I do it as a static/non-RC model, these functions like opening (hood, door, trunk), fake engine, suspension ... I would probably do. But it's RC. So I saved weight where I could. I didn't want to have it like most of the RC MOCs: packed with xy features, that crawls like a snail.
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    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Yes, exactly! Those will there probably fit better. I don't have this right now. When I get them, I'll take a picture again.
  5. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Nebulaire: It has adjustable suspension, but only imaginary. you just have to imagine it! I understand your comment. I know what a lowrider is. I just missed this chassis functionality advisedly, in favor of better gameplay. Take it so, that the chassis is set to the legal height - everyone can just imagine adjustability. and I was trying to replace the wheels for smaller ones, but they're probably too small ...
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    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Thank you all , guys! I wanted to have the car as simple as possible, without any unnecessary features that would just increase weight. (already heavy enough) I was thinking about it before starting construction. But I had the feeling, that the adjusting suspension (and leaving the current motor/diff connection) would then make it impossible for me to discreetly hide the battery-box and PF receiver in the back of the car.
  7. Hello Guys, I recently created this vehicle, for my kids to play (but also for me) - 2x L-motors: one for left and one for right track - skid steering - chassis is without suspension - 6 pairs of PF led lights FLICKR photos:
  8. Hello Guys, My new RC vehicle. It's such a mix rally / baja / trophy truck. - suspension: front: independent / rear: dependent - front wheel steering: servo motor - rear wheel drive: L-motor - 3 pairs of PF led lights
  9. M_longer: If only it were that simple! I have many other lego projects that I would like to realize, and especially I am very tired of building in CAD. No chance, sorry.
  10. MxWinters: thank you for comment! Roadtrains dont really reverse.. there is too many pivot points. B-Doubles are not nearly as bad, with practice, can be maneuvered proficently. But not a Triple - well not with accuracy ------------------------------------------------------ Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw testvideo 2:
  11. KLF, brunojj1, syphoon, Magical Duck, Sariel, M_longer, Lucio Switch, Visser, Milan, brickless_kiwi, Johnny1360, Aleh: THANX for you comments!!! Wow, thank you! I would like to know, what would that Lego-designer tell about it. Yes, I know. The engine is just such a rectangular box - even with functional cylinders, just a box. I built the TITAN in 2014. At that time, I was more concerned about the engine and made it more realistic. And YES, I have more TITAN-pictures: my FLICKR-gallery of a Road Train with three trailers: ...and special photo with: BLACK CAT ... transport of construction and agricultural equipment ...and and finally empty in the B-triple configuration: thanx! I will make a detailed photo of front wheel attachment (axle) in the coming days. I sprayed most of the chrome parts. It's also not mirror-shiny like the original chrome parts, but the effect is nice. And it's a lot cheaper. BTW: back to ANTHEM-LANDOLL-SIKORSKY ... demonstration of side extensions:
  12. to MajkSpajkl, I_Igor, grum64, braker23: Thank you for comments! When I finished my nose on that helicopter......I'm looking at it.....BOOM!!! - that's The Punisher skull logo!
  13. for all: thank you for comments! more photos: - engine, simply designed - wheels steering: Ackermann geometry - I managed to get a rotating point from the disk to a half-stud, so when the wheel is turned, the wheel is in place and the fender can be very close without a collision. Photo of the interior: I forgot to take the picture out in the daylight. so just a poor photo, sorry.
  14. Than you guys! At this point I only have this home-test video. The rotor blades are made of plates and tiles. I had to stick with transparen tape the critical tile 1x8, which joins the blade and the rotor - otherwise in a minute, one sheet always flew away.
  15. Paliason

    MOC: Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    After a very long pause on this project ... SCUD Launcher is done! It is basically russian MAZ 543
  16. Terminator: John Connor. It is time. John Connor: Are you here to kill me? Terminator: No. You must live. hello guys! I present to you my current project: T-1 Battlefield Robot a.k.a. Ground Assault Vehicle It's a robot from the 2003 movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines It is a fully autonomous ground offensive system, the first robot of the "T" class - Terminator, and the first prototype Hunter-Killer tank. Designed and produced by Cyber Research Systems for combat purposes to clean the battlefield from enemy soldiers. John Connor: Whatever! Either we go, and save her Dad, or so much for the Great John Conner. Because your future, my destiny, I want no part in it, I never did. Terminator: Based on your pupil dilation, skin temperature, and motor functions, I calculate an 83% probability that you will not pull the trigger. Movie events: The main objective of the positive protagonists in Terminator 2 was to avert a judgement day - to destroy Cyberdyne Systems. This corporation has been running work on the development of SKYNET - a supercomputing network using artificial intelligence - to replace people as pilots of commercial and military aircraft, and to control other military systems, including nuclear missiles. Teenager John Connor and his crew destroyed the building itself, but eventually Cyberdyne took over by the US Army, and the whole project was secretly assigned to another company: Cyber Research Systems. This company eventually succeeded (story in Terminator 3), completing the development of SKYNET. It also built the first aerial drones (A-Series) , but also the T-Series - Terminator robots who were supposed to replace the soldiers on the battlefield. Excellent scene from the movie: It is a pity that these robots were in the film for only a few minutes ... the film material was filmed more - other scenes outside after rebellion, but they did not get into the film, they were cut out. Terminator: Anger is more useful than despair. Real machine: For the purpose of the film, several of these robots were built in real size. Behind the result is staying None other than a great expert for film effects and animatronics - Stan Winston. His studio built five of these T1´s for scenes at Cyber Research Systems, of which 2 were fully functional. The final assembled T-1 was about 2.1 meters high and weighed more than 1.5 tonnes. It reached a speed of about 11 km / h. The belts used on the chassis were used by the company, producing belt sets for offroad pick-ups. The robot has a movable head mounted on the hinges, the body is mounted on a platform capable of rotating 360 degrees. The arms on both sides are capable of tipping and ammunition placed there. On both arms is a six-barreled General Electric minigun capable of firing 3000 depleted uranium rounds per minute. Of course, it really did not shoot, they were just sound and light effects. A perfect video behind the robot construction itself: I really like the overall design but also how it's all moving and spectacular ... great work. On the other hand, if I think if it was put into a real fight, I guess it life for a few minutes - the head that contains all the sensors, it is completely unprotected, the protective covers of the rest of the body are only in the front and in the back - from the side quite vulnerable, all hydraulics, electricity exposed ... And another thing is related to machine guns: minigun and its maximum ammo consumption - in its shoulders it has ammo-reservoirs, but in the course of continuous fire would be "dry" in a few seconds... An enhanced and more armed version of T-1 appeared in the sequel: Terminator Salvation. Terminator: Katherine Brewster? Have you sustained injury? Kate Brewster: Drop dead, you megablock! Terminator: I am unable to comply. Lego model: The functions are connected to 4 IR receivers. - Two main belts are driven: 2x XL Motor - left / right side - Main platform lift: XL-Motor - rotation of the upper body in a 360 ° range: 1x M-Motor - Head movement: 1x Servo Motor - Shoulder lift: 1x M-Motor - rotary motion of minigun barrels: 2x M-Motor - 3x LED lights in the head - 2x Battery Box: one at the front of the chassis at the same time serves as the counterweight, the other at the front of the upper body Dimensions: - chassis width: 29 cm - max. arm width in firing position: 44 cm - height: 45 cm - length: 58 cm Weight: 5 Kg SWAT Team Leader: Put down your weapon. And the coffin. Construction process: It is my longest developed model = it was a difficult birth. In my head I had planned it for a few years back. Finally, I started the test chassis construction in early 2014. The first thing to decide was the size of the whole model. There was no reason to think about the belts - I chose the biggest. This meant that they had to be doubled to fit proportional size into the plan, putting all the functions in it. I've been working on the chassis for a few months, I've built it up with the constant changes. Body structuret, wheel set. It worked! The main reason why I've been postponing my work for a few months, was that the track sprocket-wheels were quite small. It looked funny. After returning to this project, I started building a liftable platform on the chassis. First of all, it was the L-Motor. As time went by, additional pieces of equipment were added. And he does not get it anymore. Therefore, it was replaced by XL. At the same time I made the main body with folding arms. I have always had to tackle the problem of how to reinforce it while preserving its shapes. Repeated disgust was followed, another delay for a few months ...... After a while, I started to build two miniguns. The unpretty thing is that, after spinning, an elliptical movement occurs. Next I built the first version of the head. I started to solve the problem of small sprocket wheels. I started looking for their bigger version ... and I found it. The internet portal Shapeways is probably the best source of such all-round (not just Lego) custom-prints printed on a 3D printer. There are 12 and 14 tooth size. Lego has only 10 teeth. So I had the problem solved - big 14-teeth (8 pieces) go to the edge and smaller 12-teeth (30 pieces) to the remaining positions, as it is in the original. My enthusiasm was replaced by disappointment at the price. But without the wheels mentioned, it simply was not possible. I bought them about 3 times in the half a year and I have also used the discount, which they had on eshop. There was a whole reworking of the chassis again, because of course the new wheels did not fit in the original position. Sometimes they were shaking, the length of the belt changed, and the position of the center axle of the big wheels was not right because of the larger diameter. I totally split it up again and again. Six months passed like nothing, I started to improve shoulders and body. The chassis has already been tuned. I also try to connect the finished parts of the robot together. I find, that the body is proportionally a bit small compared to the original. For a quarter of a year, I tasted again and ordered the necessary parts. I stretched the entire hull back, shoulders completely reworked with the effort to use the Technic panels as they look best for rounded surfaces. I have completely redesigned the whole head - enlarged, added some details. During this phase, my long preconditions have been confirmed ... namely that the entire upper body (arms + guns, receivers, cables and all the details attached thereto) have the weight, that the whole robot overcomes backwards. This is also helped by the fact, that I made the bottom row of wheels swinging. I had to replace the two springs on both ends with the normal Technic-beam and it's firmly. Under the front B-Box was added another space for counterweights. John Connor: Do you even remember me? Sarah Connor? Blowing up Cyberdyne? Hasta la vista, baby? Ring any bells? Terminator: That was a different T-101. John Connor: What, do you guys come off an assembly line or something? Terminator: Exactly. John Connor: Oh man, I'm gonna have to teach you everything all over again. It still has a number of shortcomings: The primary problem lies in the final weight. The model is very heavy and the track drive wheels due to small grooves can not carry force = almost constantly slipping inside the belt. The second thing is, that the plastic is not iron. It's all springing like rubber. Further, with the upper body being seated so far backward and offset against the turning point, there is a great deal of strain. A large lever that acts on the fifth wheel, where it is fully attached. Turntable is the new version (MB Arocs) - without it I would not do it. I used the old version first, and the turntable was totally twisted. ... and I had only the basic skeleton done at that time ... in the final state - it would break it completely. Mini-Linear Actuators, that lift the arms themselves with the gun, are not powerful enough. The upper position, where the greatest force is needed will not be reached - the overload clutch is activated. IR receivers are inappropriate for this model. Large huge boxes ... They are positioned so, as not to disturb the design of the model, but there is a problem: as soon as there is an obstacle between the transmitter and the receiver (what happens always when the body is rotated), it does not work. I can not imagine this two big "boxes" somewhere up the shoulders. S-brick would obviously solve this. Conclusion: As a RC model, it is semi-functional. I was planning to shoot a video, but with these problems the result will not be very good (?) From a static model point of view, I am satisfied with the result. All photos in original quality are on FLICKR server. Terminator: Skynet has become self aware. In one hour it will initiate a massive nuclear attack on its enemy. Robert Brewster: What enemy? John Connor: Us! Humans!
  17. I do not have my own 3D printer. Those sprocket wheels I bought at e-shop yes, I agree, in chrome-metallic color it would look great! my neighborhood, I did not find a company that makes chromium plating. It will probably be a pretty expensive thing. It is still possible to spray with a metallic spray...
  18. I am still alive! Here is my Progress: enlarging grooves in tracked wheels - for better traction - so that the upcoming video has a more informative value PS: And of course, in the summer, I enjoyed the new 3D version Terminator 2 movie in the cinema...
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    [MOC] 28 PETERBILT 352 110 CABOVER

    Very good job!, beautifull color scheme. My rating: 9/10 I do not like two things there: 1) - the front blue disc is too much convex... 2) - the roof is high
  20. Thank you, guys! it is OK. None of us could know, how it would work... BTW: Thank you for updating this file. Maybe...I will try using a little circular rasp to enlarge those grooves