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  1. Nubsy

    My Unimog Family

    Every time I see your models I get bit by the Unimog bug! hahaha Great work though, seriously. Btw, could you post some pictures of the white 'Mog on the left? (next to the yellow 411).
  2. Nubsy

    42000 Grand Prix Racer Mod!

    Based on orange and white and the hinting at Indian* are you making a Sahara Force India car?
  3. Nubsy

    Suzuki Samurai 4x4

    This is great! Awesome work! Is there any possibility of instructions? Or maybe just more pictures? Reverse engineering can be fun, too!
  4. Nubsy

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    I like the service truck a lot. I love wreckers, and that's a great color green. The crane truck, I missed out on the first first one, so a second chance, I guess. But then there's the Grand Prix Racer... oh man, so many choices!
  5. Crazy cool! I looked at the pictures last night before bed, but I just now noticed the wipers! Just awesome.
  6. Nubsy

    All LEGO Roller Coaster

    That's spectacular! Also, +1 for driving a UTE. Wish we had those in the States.
  7. Nubsy

    RoscoPC's Lego Technic Racecar Stable

    I'm really digging the Lotus 43. Though, to be fair, they're all really awesome!
  8. Nubsy

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    Ha-HA! I got the steering wheel to work. First, a little manipulation to the dashboard. Then, a 5L axle through the dash and into the steering wheel. On the other end, a U-joint (one of the old, longer ones. Is it 3L or 4L?) then an 8L axle, and another U-joint. Finally, I replaced the 4L axle holding the little 2x bevel gear and the bigger 2x bevel gear with a 6L axle, and that connects to the U-joint. This now means the HOG steering works AND the steering wheel works. I'm really quite pleased how easy it was. I just haven't tested durability yet. I only had two extra U-joints, but I feel like it would be stronger with a third one, but we'll see. EDIT: I've just realized that I'm an idiot. haha I put the steering wheel to the wrong gear so the wheels turn the opposite direction as the steering wheel. Not a pleasant experience, I assume. I'll fix that tomorrow.
  9. Nubsy

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    Its both- I removed the gear that spun the worm gear for the door. So in first, its just spinning nothing. When no gear is selected, the mini motor is just spinning whatever is geared and that happens to crank the engine. I could take a picture, but I feel as if it won't explain much. Basically, I took the gear from the door, the 16 tooth gear and added it to the drive shaft on the driver side of the gear box, almost directly under the steering wheel. That way, when the gear for second gear is engaged, it drives the shaft, but its otherwise un-driven. I hope that kind of explains it...
  10. Nubsy

    [REVIEW] 8070 Supercar

    Hello, I just registered here so I could post my two cents about this set. First, excellent review, I think it hits a lot of good points. I agree, the rear end is ugly. But I can live with it. Maybe I'll try to change it similar to Crowkillers' design, but it's not imperative. What really bothered me was how pointless the functions were. So, I disconnected the doors from the worm gear, and using an axle pin, made them open only by hand (I used a half pin underneath to latch the doors when closed). The next thing that I did was make the motor drive the wheels. Re-purposing the now unused functions, I figured out where I would need to add a gear to have the drive shaft driven. After about an hour, I figured it out, and had the car back together. So now, first gear does nothing, second gear drives the rear wheels, third gear the wing, fourth the hood, like normal. The cool thing is, when the battery box is on, the lego engine block is cranking like it's idling. My next plan is to change the hood so it opens the other direction and maybe add hood pins of some sort. This car reminds me of a muscle car, and I think hood pins are fitting. Also, I want to try to make the headlights LEDs that come on with the battery box. The biggest complaint with the set is actually a good thing. It is so well built and solid, the chassis, that it's hard to modify it without taking the entire thing apart.