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  1. Esser-Z

    Review: 7066 Earth Defence HQ

    And now that I've built and played with this set... Set of the year, definitely. So. Amazing.
  2. Esser-Z

    Review: 7066 Earth Defence HQ

    It's not reminiscent of a Vic Viper. Look at the stickers--the name on there and the picture of a snake. It is a Vic Viper. An official Vic Viper. That is so awesome. I'm just so impressed by the look of the set. I generally enjoy official Lego designs, but this one is just beyond the norm. I don't think I've seen a non-MOC Lego military-type vehicle so solid looking since the T1 Typhoon helicopter (one of the few sets I've never disassembled, because it's so awesome!). I really can't wait to get this thing in my hands. Wish it came with more minifigs, but I always want more minifigs.
  3. Esser-Z

    Review: 7066 Earth Defence HQ

    Excellent review! I've got this set lined up for Christmas. Can't wait to get it built. Definitely looks like set of the year material. I'll need to swap out one of the two mustache guy's faces (he also comes in the abductor set), I think. He's too cool to be a generic guy.
  4. Helmet w. Tubes, the Aquashark/Raider dive suit, continues to refuse to attach to a minifigure head+torso.
  5. Hooray, start of the old cockpits! I'd like to see the long ones, like were used in so much of Aquazone and the Space lines, but it's good to see SOME start in that direction. The Aquashark armor remains broken, though. This is sad. Really wish the tube they added that I first recall seeing in Life on Mars was a bending-equipped piece, too
  6. Woo, old hinges! Hopefully they'll follow up with the old cockpits in future updates.
  7. Aquashark suit doesn't fit on a minifig, even after the recent patch. :/
  8. The colors are the result of my prototyping process, which only sometimes results in me actually fixing the colorscheme. I note that the minifig is in those not-matching colors simply because I repurposed my Aquazone figures into powered armor, and I simply don't have the right colors to match the armor mold to the construction. I was also, and this should have gone in the first post, working from an intentionally limited part supply.
  9. One of several multipurpose combat designs, the Finnegan functions both as a high-speed slight-hover vehicle and a frontline infantry mech. Primary armament in both modes is a pair of plasma cannons, with anti-infantry energy burst emitters available in bipedal form. It is important to note that, while the pilot does seem awfully exposed in assault runner form, he is equipped with top of the line heavy powered armor, well-suited to deflect any fire that would reasonably be headed his way as he speeds to the fight. Yeah. Colors kinda... not matching perfectly. At least they're symmetrical, except for that one frustrating yellow one where I couldn't find the right color piece. Comes from using an intentionally limited part supply.
  10. And still can't connect four prismatic binoculars to a 1x1 with four side studs like in the Striking Venom or Lunar Limo. :(
  11. I can no longer launch the program now that I've installed the update. Attempting to do so start the process, as I can see in task manager, but no program window opens. I'm running Vista, and had no trouble before the patch. Trying a driver update. And it worked.
  12. Esser-Z

    A.B.S. Snorter and his LEGO brick sorter

    Count me in on the needing-one. All my Lego's horribly unsorted, with the exception of MOST of my minifigs and minifig parts!
  13. Esser-Z

    A.B.S. Snorter and his LEGO brick sorter

    The forward vacuum is cool, but I love the random-looking stream of bricks at the back. Very cleverly assembled!
  14. Esser-Z

    A.B.S. Snorter and his LEGO brick sorter

    If that isn't Dr. Seuss inspired, I'll eat my hat. I like my hat quite a bit. That is a glorious model.
  15. Esser-Z

    2011 Alien Conquest

    Oooh. Now that IS a good idea. I was just going to integrate it with the rest of the mecha (mostly Exo-Force and MOC, with some exceptions) in my Space And Related set-up. Hmm. Perhaps it'll be time to rebuild some of my town and set it back up. Been awhile since I cycled the display table...