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  1. Dear all, me and Petra cannot join this year as we are expecting a baby at the end of April. kind regards, Johan
  2. Teddy

    MOC: Post Office and Cafe

    B-OM-3A Post Office and Cafe: Edit: Better colored main photo: ----------------------------- The old music school got a new function. On the top floor is the new home of Mr.Whiskers who just moved in and keeps track of everything from the big desk at the center window. Downstairs is a Post Office and a Cafe. ----------------------------- Dear all, I found some spare time to build a new addition for my modular street/town. Mr. Whiskers recently moved in and lives upstairs. Hope you like it. Kind regards, Teddy Mr.Whiskers looking outside the window: Overview: Addic: Living: Downstairs: Overview:
  3. Teddy

    MOC: BR01-1075

    Update 10 October 2011: Dear all, last week I had some time to tweak my engine design. I added an engine under the tender and updated the gearing in the boiler such that the big wheels and the small wheels cover the same distance per hour. The result is smoother operation and increased speed: The additional PF train motor which works in tandem with the two M-motors in the boiler located under the tender: Original post: Dear all, for the past month I have been building on and off on this MOC. After being inspired by all the great Lego train builders such as SavatheAggie and Ben Beneke, I wanted to try my hand at building a train as well. This type train is also owned by the dutch steam association SSN and is a BR01-1075 and can be seen running around trainstations in the Netherlands and Germany. Thorsten Benter helped me in attaching rubber rings to the XL-BBB wheels for extra grip. The train is driven by two M-motors in the boiler and the battery pack is inside the tender. The scale is 1:45. The slopes of the boiler containing the two M motors are stacked on a 4x4 stud core, making for a leaner boiler. The full resolution pics of the slide show can be found in my Flickr account: Link to flickr set Mocpages:Link to Mocpages set Brickshelf: Link to Brickshelf set Kind regards, Teddy BR01-1075: Compared to the real deal: Slide Show:
  4. Unfortunately me and Petra cannot join this years event as we need to take care of our Anna, and she is still a bit too small to come along.
  5. Teddy

    MOC: Modular Police Station

    B-PM-1A & V-LP-8B Dear all, recently I found some time to build something. I always wanted to build a police station for all the cops I had lying around. The front wall is SNOT and the garage doors are a brick build design. Next to the police station, I build a six stud wide four seater cop car which can hold two cops in the front and two criminals in the back. Kind regards, Teddy Front view: Back view: All sections front: All sections back: Upper floor Middle floor: Ground Floor: Alternate two modules front: Alternate two modules back: The Police station on my shelf: -------------------------------------- Edit: Police car closeups -------------------------------------- Since posting my police station I got requests for closeups of my police car MOC. So here they are: Main view: Front view: Back view: Side view: Police Car with Cops:
  6. Teddy

    MOC: Public Library MOC

    B-OM-3B Dear all, the last weeks I've been working on and off on this MOC, since my time is sparse lately. I'd like to thank CGH for his feedback during the build. Kind regards, Teddy --------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Whiskers place to lent books: Main view: Front view: Backview, The tree in the garden was planted at the grand opening in 1904: The Library in my modular street:
  7. Me and my wife moved to another house in March. Sadly, all my Lego is in storage and has been for several months now. So, unfortunately, I cannot take part in this wonderful competition.
  8. Me and Petra will come by car as well.
  9. hi MstrOfPppts, I'm interested in 1x 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard. Hi eiker86, I'm interested in 1x 30215 Legolas. Kind regards, Teddy
  10. Okay! Super! Kind regards, Johan
  11. I completely overlooked this and the sign in topic. My mistake. I thought I had already registered on July 17th in the information topic. So I didn't pay any attention anymore. Anyways, I will gladly come together with Petra. If someone wants to share a chalet with us please let us know.
  12. crap, I completely overlooked this topic. My mistake. I thought I had already registered on July 17th in the information topic. Anyways, I will gladly come together with Petra. If someone wants to share a chalet with us please let us know.
  13. Teddy

    MOC: Bahnhof Neuffen

    I love it! It is beautiful. The roof is very interesting. I will be studying that more closely. The wooden framing is superb!
  14. Hi all, I'm definitely in! Jay, looking forward to it already! :)
  15. Hi Calacon, thank you for your message! Please send our regards to your mum.
  16. Teddy

    MOC: BR 53-003

    Very beautiful and impressive locomotive! Love the 3 motors in the boiler! The spinning fans top it off beautifully.
  17. Teddy

    Ecclesiastes, our new History Regulator

    Congratulations Ecclesiastes! hope you will have fun in your new function!
  18. Hi everybody, just came home from Budapest. me and my wife had a great time! I really enjoyed the event and meeting everybody. A big Thanks to the organizers of the event! Kind regards, Johan
  19. Hi Holodoc, me and my wife plan to arrive between 21:00 and 22:00 Wednesday night. Looking forward to meeting all of you again. Kind regards, Johan
  20. Teddy

    MOC: Modular Railway Station

    The station is cool and the train is amazing! I especially like the bogie design of the train. The interior detailing in the station is very well done, especially the decal above the ticket office.
  21. Teddy

    10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter

    I love the X-wing and I really appreciate this re-release. That said, the poor nose design on this set really hurts the overall look of the thing. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I find it really difficult to understand that none of the professional designers at Lego pointed this out and corrected it. All other issues are minor in my opinion.
  22. Teddy

    10233 Horizon Express

    Thanks, the PF light are attached to the roof via these elements: also the brick attached to the lights is put into the roof. The PF cable is attached behind the entry doors. When lifting of the roof the cable is more than long enough to just lay the roof next to the rest of the carriage. Otherwise you can just easily unplug it. Kind regards, Teddy
  23. Teddy

    10233 Horizon Express

    Hi Cei, Actually, it is quite okay. I have been running the train for some while now and I have not noticed anything particular in regard to battery life. One motor pulling hard also drains the battery as it requires much more current to overcome the resistance. Probably not as much current as two motors running the same train, but I think the difference is much less than two. This is from the Lego website: The current consumption will depend heavily on the load it is driving. Under normal conditions it can be around 225 mA and we do not recommend a continuous use above 450 mA. So current consumption of one motor can double under heavy load. The current consumption of the lights is negligible compared to the motors. Kind regards, Teddy Had to take the train of the track and unhook the motors. My camera is not that good at taking pictures in the dark, or of taking pictures of a moving object:
  24. Teddy

    10233 Horizon Express

    Here is my two cents on powering this train: What I did was buy two sets. Use one battery box and one receiver and run a cascade of extension wires with a control switch to power a motor at either end. Then I hooked up the front and back lights to the PF motor plug and put lights in each carriage powered from the extension cord. Lights and engines are all powered from one port of the receiver. It drives nicely, the motors fit well and the entire thing is lit up nicely. What I used: -2 10233 Horizon express -1 Power Functions IR Receiver -1 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box -2 Power Functions Train Motor (88002) -2 Power Functions Extension Wire 20” -2 Power Functions Extension Wire 8" -1 Power Functions Control Switch -8 Power Functions Light Kind regards, Teddy
  25. Teddy

    MOC: Central Station

    Dear all, I was silent the last few days since I wanted to build a MOC to celebrate my 500th post on this forum. After showing my window still a few days back I decided it was time for a new Central Station. Hinckley inspired me with his MOCs to do just that little extra. Holodoc gave me the idea to build a station more fitting to the official CC buildings. I hope it turned out okay. Without further ado, here are the photos. I hope you like them. Comments are more than welcome. Kind regards, Teddy Exterior: Next to the official Lego buildings. Interior: Platforms: Station Hall: Tickets and Shops: