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    <p> I am a lego lover living in Switzerland who likes to the Architecture modular and city themes. Sadly there are not enough hours in the do to work and play with lego!  </p>

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  1. TimeLord

    [MOC] Modular City Park

  2. TimeLord

    MOC: London St Paul's Cathedral

    Awesome model! You have really captured the design and feel the building that I think would be hard to improve upon. Would love to see some of your 'not up to standard' models as well, they must be pretty good too, going on this. Keep up the good work
  3. TimeLord

    [MOC] Palace of Westminster

    This is unbelievable awesome!! Love it, wish I could see it in real life. Keep up the awesome work
  4. TimeLord

    MOC : Dorm building

    Fantastic! Love the detailing
  5. TimeLord

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    This is awesome! Really like how you have captured the feel of a large scale object and compacted it so well. Keep up the awesome work
  6. TimeLord


    Very nice! Like the car as well :)
  7. TimeLord

    [MOC] Mobile Coffee

    Really nice!
  8. TimeLord

    Trackside Lofts Building

    Very nice build! The roof is is a very cool design which tops the whole building off awesomely
  9. TimeLord

    Miami Surfshop [Moc]

    Awesome modern looking modular that really captures the feel of such surf shops, at least the way I remember them back hope in NZ. Keep up the good work, am looking forward to see your next project!
  10. TimeLord

    Modular Cheese Shop and Museum

    Love your furniture!
  11. TimeLord

    [ MOC ] Modular Disney Store

    Very nice! Really like the way you have integrated the current Lego Disney themes into your design. Nice photos and great sketches.
  12. TimeLord

    [MOC] Modular Palm House

    Brilliant design! The outer walls are really neat, and the mosaic is an awesome touch.
  13. TimeLord

    Sports 2017

    This theme sounds awesome, I'm just hoping it will be unlicensed for the price and because I think it fit a bit better into another theme like City if wanted. But awesome News!!
  14. TimeLord

    Unusual building for Lego?

    Really really awesome build! Well done.