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  1. legophisto

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    Very well spotted, thanks! That makes it even more interesting for me.
  2. legophisto

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    There is already a discussion going on in the special themes forum.
  3. legophisto

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    Cute little model. I like it although there don't seem to be many intriguing building techniques used. However I wonder how they managed to create this little gap to make the door open and close smoothly and still keep the model sturdy as usual.
  4. legophisto

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I feel a great disturbance in the force. That will probably mean more restrictions for sellers and might make many of them close their shops. Especially small shops. Horrible news for all moc builders. Maybe I am a bit pessimistic. So let's hope for the best and expect the worst.
  5. legophisto

    [MOC] 1:16 Volvo FMX with Palfinger PK78002 SH

    Fantastic model! What I love most is the way you combined the best of two different worlds: the Technic functions and the Model Team / Creator Expert bodywork. Hopefully we won't have to wait another four years for your next model!
  6. Absolutely stunning model! You captured the look of the original car brilliantly. But I am even more impressed of how much functionality you packed into the model at this rather small scale. I really, really hope your project will be made into an official Lego set. Fingers crossed! You may ask a moderator to move your thread to the Technic forum. Your moc will get much more attention there which it clearly deserves.
  7. Despite using rather basic techniques the result is still brilliant. If this is just "backgroung decoration" I wonder how good your main model will look!
  8. legophisto

    [HELP] Motorizing a Scale Model

    Thanks for your reply! That sounds like a good idea. I am really struggeling with Technic since this is my first moc with a few technic functions. What I have already experienced is how much more you have to admire all those great mocs here. Giving it a go yourself changes your point of view heavily.
  9. legophisto

    [HELP] Motorizing a Scale Model

    Thanks to everyone who replied so far and sorry for bumping up a rather dead topic! The chassis of my car is nearly complete now. Independent front suspension, rear suspension (not independent), differential and rear wheel drive are working quite well. But I do have problems implementing the servo motor for steering. Actually I need an angle of just around 45 degree instead of 90 degree even when using the 8 tooth gear. Will I destroy the servo motor with parts blocking the gear rack at around 45 degree turning angle? If so is there a rather compact way to gear the angle down to just 45 degree? Or should I go for a steering mechanism avoiding gear racks (like 10265 Ford Mustang)? Since the model is just 16 wide (scale 1:13) there is not a lot of room left. Any kind of answer is appreciated.
  10. legophisto

    [MOC] Skoda 110R

    I really like your moc and the fact that you recreated a rather unknown car (at least unknwon to me). You did a great job capturing the shape of the original car and lots of lovely details! It would look even better if you used the 30699 tires of the 10258 London Bus.
  11. legophisto

    [HELP] Motorizing a Scale Model

    Both what be great. But I can't see how to get the turning point in the center of the wheel unless I use some kind of virtual pivot steering which I try do avoid. As I mentioned in my first post: Ackermann steering geometry without a working suspension is no problem. But is there a way to achieve both Ackermann steering and a working suspension? Thanks Jim for editing the title of the thread!
  12. Hi everbody, being a scale model guy I very rarely post here but I feel this is the best sub-forum to get answers to a few questions. Usually I build models approximately the same scales as Creator Expert cars. But now I feel it's time to (slightly) get out of my comfort zone and go a little bigger. I would like to build a car scaled 1:10 (62.4x20 tyres) and possibly motorize it. The weight of the model itself will be around 1.5kg. Some questions came to my mind: 1. I will need some sort of working suspension. One or two springs on each wheel? Soft or hard spring? 2. I found a simple way to implement Ackermann steering geometry without a working suspension. Is there a way to have a working suspension plus Ackermann steering geometry? 3. Which motors and how many would you suggest for motorizing the model? Is it even possible considering the extra weight for motors and batteries? @JIm: If this thread is better suited in the scale model forum please move it there. Any kind of answers and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Any chance Sebastian Vettel's helmet was a hint we will see a Ferrari F1 Creator Expert set? It would surely need far less parts than a classic street car. 8157 has even less than 1000 parts. I would really love to be right this time.
  14. legophisto

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert

    Owning all of the Creator expert cars and the Caterham as well I have to say the Ford is arguably one of the best if not the best model. I love both the look and the functionality. Building the car was great fun as some really clever techniques are used. In the designer video it is said that the new 2x8 curved slope helps to get rid of the small gap behind the door. I can't see that. Replacing the slope by a regular 2x8 brick does not change the door mechanism in any way. Any idea?
  15. This beast definitely has steering. The part list on top of the box shows parts no. 15460, 57515 and 2739a. So there is no doubt about steering anymore.