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  1. Has anyone checked the stability of official models using the new stability check in studio 2.0? I do believe there will be warnings or cautions in many official models, too. So we might get an idea of what degree of stability is required for entries to the AFOL Designer Program.
  2. legophisto

    [MOC] Super-GT

    Another great race car! I would really love to see something completely different from such a talented builder like you.
  3. legophisto

    [MOC] Ferrari F2002 retro look

    Thank you very much! Funnily the vintage look was not even intended when I built it. It was just my building style back then when there were only few curved slopes and snot parts available.
  4. legophisto

    American truck

    Not a bad entry here. It looks like a mix of classic Technic and Model team and definitely has some vintage style. But as you said yourself: it is not a scale model but rather a Model Team/Technic truck. So this thread might be better placed in the Technic forum.
  5. legophisto

    American truck

    Hi, welcome to Eurobricks! It's always good to have new people here especially in the scale modeling subtheme But something must have gone wrong with your first post: There is no picture of your truck. You might check the FAQs to work it out.
  6. When I was cleaning up my working place today I rediscovered one of my very early mocs, a Ferrari F2002. The scale is about 1/12 and by today's standards you have to describe its look as very vintage: looks of studs exposed, countless illegal building techniques and some parts in wrong colours because I could not just order them on bricklink. But there is one part of the build I am still proud of today: the (not working) rigid suspensions. It is very funny how things can change in about a decade. I hope you like it. http://Ferrari F2002-3 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr http://Ferrari F2002-2 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr http://Ferrari F2002-1 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr http://Ferrari F2002-5 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr
  7. legophisto

    James Bond 2018

    It looks good indeed, but it is a fairly simple shape to recreate in Lego. You just cannot compare that to an DB5, a 911 etc.
  8. legophisto

    James Bond 2018

    I just finished building the DB5 and it really was a pleasure: some clever techniques and a lot of very nice functions! It does look nice but as some others said it just does not look like an Aston Martin DB5. I asked my dad what car this is supposed to be. He had no idea although having seen many Bond movies several times. And you can clearly tell why the model just doesn't look right: The headlights are too high, too big and much too close to each other. The roof is at least a stud to wide considering the total width of the car. There are no curves on the sides of the roof. The front end is too flat. But the main reason is: The model should be at least two studs wider. In the designer video they are talking about how they got the right scale but in the end they just did not make it right. I am really surprised about that. And so am i about two techniques they applied: Firstly the front grille section is not connected to the rest of the car. It just fits undertneath the arches. Secondly the mechanism to open the bonnet is very "un-TLC-like". I know that many moc builders use this technique but to see it in an official set ist very suprising to me. To conclude: A nice car to play with and a satisfying building experience but from a scale modeler's point of view very disappointing (I would not even call it a scale model at all!) and of course heavily overpriced. I used to love the Creator Expert car series but with the London bus last year and this year's DB5 my love for this series is vanishing.
  9. legophisto

    Classic Porsche 911

    Thank you very much! i just finished a yellow version with reddish brown interior and took some pictures. Porsche 911 gelb 3 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 gelb 1 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr
  10. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Hopefully this is not the official model. It looks absolutely terrible! I stopped working on my nearly finished Aston Martin DB5 (at a slightly smaller scale) when I heard about the rumour of an official DB5 set because you usually can't improve the Creator Expert designers' models. But if this turns out to be the final version it should not be too hard to create a much better looking model.
  11. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    The missing car was a Delorean DMC-12.
  12. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I am starting to believe we do get a DB5! These new parts from the Creator Expert roller coaster could be extremely useful to create the many curves of the DB5: 37352
  13. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I don't think we will get a Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5. It is much too hard to get the shape right without using illegal or weak connections. I have been working on that car for a while now and boy it's tricky. But I would love to be proven wrong!
  14. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    That does not sound too good: Either a heavily overpriced car (Creator version of Bugatti Chiron?) or some non-car vehicle. Hopfeully you are wrong.
  15. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Actually I am not unhappy that the ideas Jaguar was not approved. Considering it is 20 studs wide it does not look too good and would not fit next to the Creator Expert range. As much as I am hoping for a European classic car I feel it is time for an American car this time like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette or a Cadillac. But I am really hoping we will get a car at least and not some other kind of vehicle because imho the London bus is by far the worst among the Creator Expert vehicle sets.