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  1. In fact there are quite a few CaDA parts that are not produced by Lego, Technic parts as well as system parts.
  2. I can assure that this is not true for CaDA. They do pay. Beside that we should be more precise when speaking of "clone" companies. Not all Chinese companies steal designs. As mentioned before some have their very own designs and do not copy anything at all.
  3. legophisto

    James Bond 2018

    Sorry for bumping up an old thread but just in case anybody is interested: I made free instructions for an 10262 alternate Porsche 911:
  4. Free instructions now available:
  5. legophisto

    Olympus OM1

    Fantastic what some people are capable of building out of Lego! Some clever part usage. I like especially the use of tyres and this little pyramid shape on top. Very well done!
  6. legophisto

    '58 Butterscotch Blonde

    It is always nice to see not only vehicles in this thread but also mocs you would never expected here. Especially when they are so well executed as this example. Did you build it for the ideas contest? I would love to see more mocs of this kind in this forum.
  7. legophisto

    [MOC] The First Robin of Spring

    I saw this on flickr a couple of days ago. Although this is not my favourite theme or building style I had to follow you on twitter immediately. This build is absolutely fantastic! The bird itself is awesome but the whole scene is out of this (Lego)world!
  8. legophisto

    [ MOC] My first TV!

    Pretty well done! I love the attention to details. Are you planning to build it or will you just leave it to the digital version!
  9. Thank you very much even if it is not the answer I would have liked.
  10. Thanks. Looking better than that ugly AM DB5 duck is not that hard. I can tell you: attaching the roof and getting the right "legal" angles for windscreen, roof and the c-pillars was not that simple at all. But apart from that you are absolutely right. Thank you very much! I would not mind if you were right. As soon as the instructions are ready I will publish them here.
  11. Hello everyone, I just recently started working with studio 2.0 as the instruction maker is far superior to the so-called in LDD. So sorry if the question was asked before and I just did not find an answer: After having created a sub-model, is it possible to move a part from the main model to that sub-model? Sometimes I forget to mark one part of the sub-model. Thanks in advance for any kind of help!
  12. Hello everybody, while building my latest moc - a RC Porsche 911 that I presented in the Technic forum earlier this week - I realized that many parts I needed are also included in the official 10262 Aston Martin DB5 set. So I tried to build an alternate model only using parts of 10262. Everything opens as usual. I tried to include as many iconic details as possible: the angled headlights, the iconic shape and the famous "Entenb├╝rzel". There is also plenty of interior: adjustable front and rear seats, dashboard and of course a six flat engine. I am quite pleased with the result. At the moment I am working on the instructions which will hopefully be completed in two weeks time. Thanks for watching!
  13. legophisto

    CaDA - Toyota AE86

    @Jim: I use a Cada battery box and controller for my RC Porsche 911 MT moc which I just presented. Of course everything else including the three PF motors is Lego. I hope that is okay.
  14. legophisto

    CaDA - Toyota AE86

    I bought this set several weeks ago. The brick quality is nearly as good as Lego but not quite. Considering the building techniques the build itself is not as pleasing as building a Lego Creator Expert car. At least once they use a connection which Lego would surely consider illegal. I haven't tried the RC version yet but according to the manual it is only powered by one M-motor. All in all It is a decent set for a decent price but it does not reach the standard of Lego (Creator Expert sets).