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  1. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I am starting to believe we do get a DB5! These new parts from the Creator Expert roller coaster could be extremely useful to create the many curves of the DB5: 37352
  2. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I don't think we will get a Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5. It is much too hard to get the shape right without using illegal or weak connections. I have been working on that car for a while now and boy it's tricky. But I would love to be proven wrong!
  3. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    That does not sound too good: Either a heavily overpriced car (Creator version of Bugatti Chiron?) or some non-car vehicle. Hopfeully you are wrong.
  4. legophisto

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Actually I am not unhappy that the ideas Jaguar was not approved. Considering it is 20 studs wide it does not look too good and would not fit next to the Creator Expert range. As much as I am hoping for a European classic car I feel it is time for an American car this time like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette or a Cadillac. But I am really hoping we will get a car at least and not some other kind of vehicle because imho the London bus is by far the worst among the Creator Expert vehicle sets.
  5. legophisto

    MOC: 31070 alternate Porsche

    I just discovered your reply. Thank you very much! I cannot change the forum rules and will not publish my e-mail here either. But you might use flickr to contact me for instructions.
  6. legophisto

    Classic Porsche 911

    Yes, I do have all these Creator Expert cars. I will take some pictures next weekend to see how the 911 looks next to the Bulli and the F40 which are roughly the same scale. Thanks to everybody for all the nice comments!
  7. legophisto

    Classic Porsche 911

    Sorry, I do not share or sell instructions for this model. It would be not fair to do so since the model is something like a "semi-commissioned" work. Thank you so much for keeping your promise even though it took me far more than three weeks to finish the model! To have a moc frontpaged here on EB must be an honour for every builder.
  8. legophisto

    Classic Porsche 911

    Finally the black version with red interior is finished: Porsche 911 black 4 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 black 6 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 black 1 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr The black and grey one together: Porsche 911 pair 3 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 pair 6 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 pair 4 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr
  9. legophisto

    Classic Porsche 911

    Thank you very much! The rear was most definitely the hardest part. Even the rear bumper was not as easy a it looks. There were times when I thought about stopping the project but in the end I am glad I did not.
  10. legophisto

    Classic Porsche 911

    The grey version of my classic Porsche 911 is finally finished! I did some minor changes to the black version but it is basically the same car. Just the usual features: Opening doors, front trunk and engine cover. No illegal builds, no parts that are not produced anymore, not third party tyres, no very rare parts (maybe apart from the 10258 tyres). Porsche 911 grau 4 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 grau 6 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 grau 1 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Porsche 911 grau 7 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr I will post pictures of the finished black version both with red and tan interior this weekend.
  11. legophisto

    MOC/WIP Fairplay IX en XI TUGBOAT in scale 1/60

    Ships are not my favourite subject to be honest. But I always enjoy following the progress on your amazing models. Hopefully you will encourage more builders to share their work here. The scale model forum definitely needs and deserves much more action. Thanks for sharing.
  12. legophisto

    Classic 1990 Ferrari Formula 1

    I really love your sleek race cars. This one is another example of how some clever techniques and part usage can achieve a lovely model without having to use too many bricks. I also like that you managed to add working steering. Would you mind giving some insight into the steering mechanism? Thanks for sharing!
  13. I am not a fan of brick built windscreens. But that is just personal preference. Apart from that your model is really mind-blowing! So many details, so close to the original car at this scale! Even without those few decals it looks fantastic! Could you give an impression of how sturdy it is? Thanks for sharing!
  14. legophisto

    Chevy Fleetmaster - Range

    I really like your Chevys. Not quite as good as your VW Karmann Ghia but still nice models. I also like that you chose to build several alternative versions. They do look a bit boxy indeed but I know just how hard it is to get the curves right at that scale. Is it a real or just a fake steering? By the way: Congrats for being blogged by TLCB!