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  1. I was just working on a shrinked version of the 5580 Model Team Highway Rig when Jim announced TC25 (thanks for organizing). Since I usually build Creator Expert style cars I decided to concentrate rather on shrinking than on the technical side. My first idea was to create a smaller version of 8880 using 30.4x14 tires. But I failed to include four-wheel-steering and a working fake engine. So I decided to have a go at 8865. As usual I started with the bodywork to see how many and which functions could be included. I was pleased to see how the angled liftarms were nearly perfect for this model. It is only my second ever pure Technic moc and my first for 6 or 7 years. I really struggled hard but finally managed to squeeze a working fake V6 fake engine, steering and rear suspension into the tiny model. Since I do not like rubber band or spring solution for suspension I had to find some place for the 6.5 shock absorbers. The front still needs to be done. Also I have to see if HOG steering or a working steering wheel (or possibly both) fit. A working headlight mechanism or adjustable seats and reducing the engine from V6 to V4 are on the to-do-list, too. Shrinking factor is roughly about 2.7. So my model is significantly smaller than Appie's glorious 8865 redux from 2017.
  2. I am happy to present my mini version of the classic Lego 5580 Model Team Highway Rig. The scale is roughly Speed Champions scale and the model features opening doors and a working V8 fake engine which hides under the hood. Just as you would expect from a classic Model Team set exterior and interior are highly detailed. The biggest challenge was to squeeze the engine inside the tiny engine compartment which is only four studs wide. The colour scheme is slightly different to the original one because I planned to submit it to BDP 3 (which I no longer do) and some blue parts were not available in the BDP 3 palette. I am tempted to add a trailer to store some Speed Champions cars in the near future. I hope you like the model. Feel free to build your own copy:
  3. brickphisto

    10337 Lamborghini Countach Discussion

    Looking at the ridiculous price (once again) and given that I have never been a fan of the Countach it will be an easy pass for me. But from a designer's perspective I am very curious to see how they manage all those slight angles and subtile curves. Hopefully they will get this great series back on track after the disappointments of the Camaro and the Corvette.
  4. brickphisto

    BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 - START BUILDING!

    To be honest I did not even realize that I replied in the Pirates forum. I wish I could keep up with you guys and your awesome Pirate creations. But no chance! So I will stick to model Team and scale modelling. Sorry for that!
  5. brickphisto

    BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 - START BUILDING!

    I will go the other route and substitute my idea.
  6. brickphisto

    BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 - START BUILDING!

    I just checked some parts which are essential for my design. Unfortunately and very surprisingly 67810 (2x2x1 1/3 curved slope) is not available at all whereas it was available in 13 colours last time. Very strange.
  7. I am by no means the only one thinking of a Dodge Viper looking at 8070. Maybe you are right that I am "bending reality" a little here but far less than Lego do so by calling 10262 an Aston Martin DB5 or calling 42093 a Chevrolet Corvette e.g. 10258 went EoL about two years ago, 10290 did so only three months ago. That is not so long ago I guess. Regarding licensing you are right: That is clearly no fair competition. It is pure speculation because we do not know licensing fees or selling numbers but I am pretty sure paying licensing fees pays off multiple times by selling a more attractive set to a wider audience for a higher price. So the competitor acquiring a license usually is the one having the advantage.
  8. Releasing models clearly based on iconic vehicles without license is pretty much the same Lego used to do for many many years. It is fair to criticise this. But make sure you do not have 8070 Dodge Viper, 10258 Routemaster London Bus, 5571 Peterbilt Giant Truck, 8458 Mercedes Silver Star and so on in your collection.
  9. brickphisto

    [MOC] The Green Shamrock B&B

    I am happy to present my first serious MOC which is not a vehicle: The Green Shamrock B&B. It is based on traditional Irish B&Bs and designed in a modular way although it is not really a modular. The roof and the upper floor are removable but it is not built on baseplates and its size of 40x32 studs does not fit with regular Lego modulars. The ground floor contains the lounge, a small kitchen and the main breakfast room. Upstairs you can find two bedrooms which have both access to the bathroom. Outside is a large garden with a trampoline, a sandbox and Gaelic football goal posts. There is also a small bed with some flowers and pumpkins. Six minifigures and some animals live in or around the B&B. If you like my design, feel free to support it: Thank you very much!
  10. RUF build their very own cars from scratch nowadays. That makes them a full-fledged manufacturer. Their models like the CTR or SCR might look very similar to Porsche cars but they have nothing in common. Of course RUF still modifies Porsche cars and so they can only license models based own their own cars. It is a bit like calling Cobi or CaDA elements Lego bricks. "Normal people" cannot tell the difference. But those who are more into it can clearly differ and appreciate these differences. So I would not call it a "trick" anymore. By the way: There is an Abarth model in the CaDA catalogue.
  11. Funny to read this once again after nearly three years. Yes, CaDA's C61045W and Lego's 10295 are based on very similar cars. But that is all they have in common. To be precise you should have written "the Creator Porsche looks a lot like Cada classic sports car (C61045W) to me" because I presented my MOC which the CaDA model is based on nearly a year before first rumors of the Lego set started to spread. And CaDA even teasered their official set long before Lego did. Regarding the licensing it is a shame that CaDA could not get the Porsche license back then. But times have changed and I am very happy that RUF have come on board. To be continued...
  12. Thanks! I decided to no longer use Rebrickable to share my instructions. You can find the reason for that in the Mini 5580 thread. But still I would like to share instructions for my models for free. So now you can find instructions on Bricklink. I will update the link above as soon as the Bricklink team check the file.
  13. You are right. So I uploaded both models as well as my 8865 redux on Bricklink. I will update the links above as soon as the Bricklink team check the files.
  14. I do not offer free instructions on rebrickable anymore since they decided to ban CaDA for ridiculous reasons: But I am still happy to share my instructions for free. Please send me a pm.
  15. Exactly my thoughts. Furthermore you do not need to promote your model constantly to gain 10000 supporters. To be fair you have to say you only get paid a fraction of what a successful Ideas model would make you earn. However if you take into account the chances of seeing your model become an Ideas set offering your MOC to a legit Chinese competitor is by far more reasonable imho. BDP is more attractive than Ideas from a designer's point of view but still not an option for Technic guys, of course. Regarding the controversy of the garbage truck's mechanism I do feel for the original designer. But as has been mentioned the fault is a combination of the Ideas submission guidelines and accepting these.
  16. Hi @Thomas-O-Pamacska and welcome to Eurobricks! Thank you for your praise. I would not say the design is perfect but I am pretty pleased with the model. Unfortunately I do not know if instructions have been uploaded by CaDA yet. You might contact them directly. However I used few unique CaDA parts like four 1x8 mudguards and the 12x2x5 trapezoidal windscreen which I consider game changers and which are not available by Lego or any other competitor. So it might be best to still buy the original set and modifiy it.
  17. brickphisto

    10330 McLaren MP4/4 F1 Discussion

    The German competitor Bluebrixx offer some models based on classic F1 cars. Piece counts are between 550 and 750, scale matches approximately 10248 Ferrari F40 or 10220 VW Bulli. In contrast to mostly all of their other car models I think they did a fairly good job here. So my expectations for the Lego McLaren are very high since the Creator Expert/Icons cars are next level compared to Bluebrixx. However I do not think there will be any kind of steering mechanism.
  18. Just as expected my truck did not make it into the top 5 of the BDP series 3. So now you can find free instructions here:
  19. I am not sure about that one, at least considering his video reviews. There are only three CaDA reviews on his channel. The pro and cons columns are about equally filled. All three sets scored well in the five star rating though. Still if you are right maybe it is because CaDA only charges about 50% to 60% of Lego's prices for roughly comparable products.
  20. Amen to that. Regarding the missing "Masters Series" on the box I guess Citroen has the last word on the packaging and maybe they did not like it. But I do not have any insight into marketing issues or negotiations with license holders. Afaik "Masters Series" is reserved for MOC designs like mine and it is not meant to describe how challenging the build is.
  21. Thanks! I do not like stickers at all either, especially covering multiple pieces. But I guess it is impossible to avoid that for a brick build rally car. Funnily first I was told we should stick to the 2008 Monte Carlo version (red/white) which would have looked good without any stickers at all. Then after my design had been finished they went for the Red Bull version without telling me or even asking me. I do not care if it says "Masters Series" as long the designer is given credit. As far as I know my next model comes with prints only like @brunojj1s AMG One.
  22. Thanks! Squeezing these functions inside a rather small model is indeed the biggest challenge when creating those models. However comparing my models to the Creator Expert/icons cars is quite hard and not fair to either party for mulitple reasons. Thanks for the constructive feedback, much appreciated!
  23. I am happy to present my third CaDA model: Citroen C4 WRC officially licensed by Citroen. It is my first model which has been designed from scratch for CaDA whereas the classic sportscar and the London Taxi were based on older mocs. The scale roughly matches the scale of most Creator Expert/Icons cars. Functions are rear suspension, independent front suspension, steering operated by steering wheel, working fake engine, opening doors, bonnet and trunk. The model can be motorized using the CaDA battery box/receiver, an L-motor for propulsion and a servo for steering. Motorizing the model is a little more complex but also far more mature than motorizing the C61045 classic sportscar.
  24. brickphisto

    [MOC] London Street

    Congrats for being frontpaged! Well deserved. In fact your design is one of the very few I voted for. I have a soft spot for British high street style models. Your design is a perfect example to demonstrate that you do not need 3000+ parts to create a lovely model. Hopefully it will make the top 5. I would definitely order one.
  25. You really did a great job on this one, especially considering the small scale. Proportions look good. Just the rear looks a little short. I do not like the bars for the A-pillars although I am well aware of that there is no better solution at this scale. The same goes for the edgy sideline at the front and at the rear as well as for the doors not opening smoothly. But all in all I like your model even more than most of the official Creator Expert models (which on the other hand are larger and much sturdier than your model seems to be).