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  1. brickphisto

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    No, it is a brand new windscreen: 14 studs at the bottom, 10 studs at the top, 6 studs (=5 bricks) high. A very useful part. I can imagine dozens of car models that could benefit from that windscreen.
  2. @amorti Yes, you are right. Of course my MOC was not built to use those strong pro motors (but PF motors) and when the CaDA R&D team said the changes we made were sufficient I trusted them. It turned out they were not. But I can assure you there will be no problems with motorizing my next models since I designed them to be used with pro L-motors and tested again and again and again.
  3. Apart from the flip flop beams and those liftarms with pins on both ends there are more unique CaDA parts that make a huge difference. The 1x8 mudguards and the trapezoid windscreen are so useful for (system) scale model guys like me. Unfortunately I could not use the windscreen for my first two sets but it will make my third and fourth (and maybe fifth?) project look much more realistic. I have no idea why TLG has not introduced a trapezoid windscreen or these 1x8 mudguards for their 16-wide models but I am very happy they are available from CaDA.
  4. I have to admit I just compared the CaDA set to 42035 and forgot about the one from 42055. But then again how much different can models be based on the same original at the same scale replicating the same functions? Regarding the excavator I feel the same but I am sure things like that will not happen again.
  5. The mining truck is very far away from being a copy. I have built both models and even if you have not you only need a closer look to notice that. The excavator is not an exact copy but very close indeed. Apart from that single CaDA set I do not know another one that might be "heavily inspired" by a Lego set. Funnily I was accused of copying Lego's 10295 Porsche 911 with my classic sportscar. That is quite bizarre since both models have nothing in common at all. My MOC which the CaDA set is based on had been finished about nine month before there were even rumors about a Lego 911. Still a very large online seller stopped selling my model until I supplied documents of proof that my model existed before images of the Lego model appeared. So for myself I am very cautious of accusing someone of copying or stealing designs.
  6. brickphisto

    REVIEW: 76908 Lamborghini Countach

    I just finished the Lambo and you are spot on. Some techniques used here seem too "moccish" imho. I fear the designers are pushing the boat out a bit too far when sacrificing the stability for the looks. Still a great set and I really enjoyed the build
  7. I am not an expert on legal issues but afaik parts like the one mentioned cannot be patented (anymore) but they can still have design protection. There are plenty of Lego parts which you would never expect to be protected anymore but which still are: 2x4 curved slope, 1x2 curved slope, almost all brackets, 1x1x1/2/3 brick with two studs just to mention a few. But I fear we are drifting off-topic...
  8. CaDA offers sets officially licensed by Citroen, Toyota, Mazda, Humvee, Lotus and Initial D. There are some more licenses coming soon. CaDA's mother company Double Eagle also has cooperations with Land Rover, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, JCB, Ford and Volvo for their RC products but not for CaDA products yet. So quite a few sets are unlicensed.
  9. Just like the other CaDA Master designers here on EB I really appreciate this topic popping up. Thank you very much! Talking about unique parts I got my hands on flexible liftarms with axle holes. They were invented and patented by a German company but they are now being produced by CaDA. They can be best compared to 45590 but feel more like plastic. There are various length (up to 22L) and can be easily cut to any length. I got a feeling they might be very useful.
  10. You can also use studio to get the weight (and dimensions): Model=>Model Info=>Physical Information
  11. brickphisto

    Do you only buy lego?

    That is true indeed. Lego sets have much higher resell prices. So the conclusion must be: Buy Lego sets only new and alternative brands sets only used. I wish it was the other way round though.
  12. brickphisto

    Do you only buy lego?

    I used to buy only Lego until about a couple of years ago. But than the death of the Power Functions system drove me into testing alternative brands. And I do not have any regrets. Still Lego is among the leading companies when it comes to parts quality but other companies have levelled like Mould King, Cobi or CaDA. Considering the building experience I think Lego is still leading. I bought a few sets of Wange, Bluebrixx, Mould King, Xingbao and CaDA but none of them can compete with the building experience of Lego models yet. Among those companies I tested I like CaDA the most: They do not steal MOC designs (like Mould King does) or even official Lego sets, the parts quality is very close to Lego and they offer some unique parts for car designers like me that I wish Lego would produce. Furthermore they have exactly those kind of models I like most: 16 wide cars combining Technic and system bricks. But each to their own: On the one hand I can understand purists since I used to be one of them. On the other hand I can see why more and more people try other companies for various reasons: behaviour of TLG towards competing brands, prices, limited part range etc.
  13. brickphisto

    BMW M3 (E30)

    Wow, that's a beauty! Instantly recognizable and a very clean build. The attention to details is outstanding. Personally I do not like rubber band suspensions but still better than no suspension at all. Also the A-pillars hanging loosely off the roof and the edged sidelines are not perfect. But I have no idea how to improve either issue and this is just the usual nit-picking. :-) Your model could easily be the next Creator Expert car and the frontpage is well deserved. Hope to see more from you soon.
  14. brickphisto

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    No, it is the very same car.
  15. I prefer your mod over the official set. Somehow it looks cleaner. Still an ugly car but you definitely made the most of it. By the way: The 1x2 plate modified was introduced by Lego earlier this year and the 1x5 liftarm will certainly follow soon. The 1x8 mudguard is such a useful and logical part for scale model guys like me. It is a shame that Lego refuses to introduce it.