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  1. mattthewise

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    Oh, you have a Bricklink account with everything? Got it.
  2. mattthewise

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    Sorry if I've missed this, but is there a list of what official sets you still have, or did you include them when you just said "everything else is still available"? Also, does this mean that you're not going to be updating your Technicopedia anymore?
  3. mattthewise

    [MOC] Heavy Drill Rig- 42055 C model- INSTRUCTIONS

    It's very nicely done! I'd love to try building this myself, do you think you might publish build photos/instructions sometime?
  4. mattthewise

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    I'm assuming official sets are being sold for prices comparable to their original price.
  5. mattthewise

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    So are you just selling the MOCs listed on the first page or the official models you've collected too?
  6. mattthewise

    [MOC] Telehandler (model c for 42053)

    Thanks! I'll have to build this, once I find the time that is.
  7. mattthewise

    [MOC] Telehandler (model c for 42053)

    I'm looking forward to instructions! I've been looking for custom models from this set to build, and this one is great.
  8. mattthewise

    [MOC] Blueprint Dune Buggy

    What and where are the illegal connections?
  9. mattthewise

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Are there any official pictures of these sets yet? I don't really have time just yet to read or even skim through the whole topic.
  10. Does that mean you won't be making a C-model, or only that it'll take longer than you thought?
  11. That's too bad, and a little odd. I'm assuming you've checked all other possibilities? Walmarts, Targets, Toysrus's? The rep said that it wasn't an exclusive set and could appear in many stores. Hopefully they'll be able to produce more and in larger amounts. I won't be able to get one until next year, so I'm really hoping that'll happen.
  12. @J_C I've actually contacted Lego about the Saturn V myself, being in the same situation. They said they'll be doing production runs at least up until the end of the year, probably longer. You'll get your chance yet.
  13. Ah, got it. Thanks @TechnicSummse.
  14. Very nice looking. I admire the creativity you had to build a good MOC like this from such a small set. I can't even do much from large sets, though that's partially because of my difficulty in free-building with Technic. It's also neat that you modeled it (somewhat) after real vehicles you're around currently. Good job!
  15. Two questions: why do all the differentials need to be removed to make it a trial truck? Wouldn't it need at least one to be able to drive properly when turning or do trial trucks not turn? Secondly, why do you always call the bag for the instructions/stickers a foil bag, @Sariel?