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  1. Best way to get lego parts

    well, theres bricklink, brickowl & PAB walls if you have a brand store nearby & what you want is there. btw, welcome to the community.
  2. Did Lego win the lawsuit?

    actually what MAB, I think, was referring to with the "manufacturing presence" IS the contracting out of production for certain things IN China while they moved forward with construction and final opening on Nov 25 2016 for production. Yes they wanted it in 2014, but well, uphill battle n all, so only 4 years after the CMF line started. or why he also said "at least", it's a nitpick, BUT ANYWAYS, my point being they've used china plants to help offset costs for awhile, I have a Lego games minatorus that referenced china as one of the component parts of origin on the box. so that does count as a presence. course in this day n age what doesn't have some part in some small fraction made in china (DIY or "all x country" doesn't count for this statement) well the ban was on discussing thier products as i recall, as this topic is in relation to TLG's legal action against them, i can't see why it should be, the result's of this action will likely have far reacting implications for the community after all
  3. Did Lego win the lawsuit?

    first off, I don't support LEPIN or any company that participates in underhanded counterfeiting. okay onto the point. it's actually a fact of life that many of the brands we buy today, exspecially in technology were once "clone brands". ACER, LENOVO and half the cell phone market are all currently populated by companies who started with copying an existing product (resulting in usually a cheeper in all ways including functionality, option). okay, in the world of the brick, ANY company can create a 2x4 brick just like lego's now without penalty or repercussions, long as it doesn't say LEGO on it. TLG did not renew thier patent and as such released the basic structure to open domain. It's a fact of life. Many of the alternative "moral brands", like MegaBlocks/latest name of the month, and even Best Lock, to name 2 i see locally here in canada, are yes making thier 2x4's exactly how LEGO does it (minus logo) as that gives them a huge benefit of being 100% compatible with LEGO. that's why other Block companies are not about to alter dimensions or such, change one thing even a fracttion and it'll lose the compatibility factor, which IS a huge selling point. Far as this topic goes, Court cases, especially in hostile legal enviro's like CHINA (if your a non chinese company), can Take years between filing and ruling. Hell wasn't LEGO in court for like 3+years with Mega brands over mega blocks originally, even though that one resulted in a loss for LEGO. Point being even if they started proceedings this year, it may well not be resolved untill eairly next year. Civil cases drag on forever, especially at the company level.
  4. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    fabulandlover: uh ya, less your supremely rich (or fund them at a silly low clearence) avoid the brand storage box's. your best bang for the buck will be to check your local dollar store for the clear plastic toates. only because you'll need alot of them
  5. Track my collection

    oh yeah, it can be a major time suck. but once you are done you only have to manually track loose bricks as BS & BL can be imported. plus you can export the list to have a saved backup (or reference when unable to go online)
  6. Track my collection

    yeah between that and brickset inporting, then one only needs to account for "thrift finds" I litterally went as far before i started my current reorganize of my sorting system, as grabbing every manual, picking every set list for each set (setting all those parts aside in a "from sets" bin, then what was left came from BL / thrift buying. This basically sucked up like two full weekends off, but at least now I just need to worry about keeping on top of logging loose bricks as sets import from BSet and BL's covered. It's crazy, but i like having it for when i do my stud.io sketch's of an idea, it let's me know what i have to use even when i'm not home (I export the list after updating so it's on my laptop just in case)
  7. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Okay, first off, if you want to go MOC, it's basically an addiction, minute you cross that threshold from set sheep to imagination unleashed mode it's hard to go back. at which point you'll find going with a properly itemized system will be best. plus side if you feel like putting a set back together you can just pick the parts. Fabulanndlover, if your going to stock up i would suggest 1xN from 1x1 through to 1x6 as you'll find especially in buildings, the most useful, as well as stocking up on SNOT pieces. can never have enough 1x snot parts.
  8. What did you buy today?

    (technically last night). 1 nib 3841 Minitorus given 6195 in rough shape. and one 5lb thrift store bucket.
  9. [MOC]Asmund the Banisher

    O.M.F.G...... christ man. i don't know where to start. just... wow.
  10. well, i only came out 18 months ago, but so far 9 months or so in lego, 4-5 yrs if you count kre-o (hasbros short attempt, only got into that cuz well TF n me go back 30 yrs till hasbro killed it for me by preschooling thier entire lines). yet to post anything to show, just not sure i'm there yet.
  11. Help on Inika Light-Up Swords

    i ran into this one a "lot" inka sword before. likely it's a short on the board, disassemble, pull the black part out , take a soft head eraser, and clean the contact on the board should fix it if its just corrosion
  12. AFOL social group?

    Andy. i feel your pain. closest i've found a lug is 2 hrs away (bit too far atm for me) and little luck assembing a group locally as all i've found are scalper types. Spock. never realised you were from the TO area.
  13. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    thats actually my goal, blending technic/system and ccbs to do mechs, though i love caleb L's piloted mechs
  14. Modulars?

    yes and scalpers are a right down there with politicians. but if your serious, go check lego.com. that will tell you the rrp for it. on BL it can be had for 129$ & is still for sale in non NA for €149.99
  15. [MOD] 2017 Milano Set

    cuz he's using photobucket and they've put a cap on off site linking/bandwidth. it will reset or he'll have to' change services