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  1. Aaaaand here it is: Thank you guys for your help !
  2. so basically, the second one is better?
  3. Ok so the last question: What is the difference between those two remotes: and For me, the second one looks better as it's bigger. Will both of them work with ir reveicer v1 and v2? Cheers.
  4. I understand that it's worth to buy it, still ;) I've managed to get ir-receiver v2, so now I have a question if the normal remote controller will work with it ? for example this one:
  5. I haven't seen that. Thank you. I think that I will go with the v1 receivers, as v2 are almost unreachable.
  6. What do you mean by performance issues? Does it lost connection with the remote controller ? By the way, sorry for so many basic questions, I'm really new to the motorized lego stuff.
  7. <p> Are you serious? I'm in the uk, and that set costs like ~150 pounds. It's more than 42039 ;> In lego shop, those parts which I've linked cost around 70 pounds, of course with the first version of the receiver. I'm wondering if for example this set: is not enoguh (I know that the servo is missing, but this can be bought separately). What are the differences between v1 and v2 of this receiver? update: I checked in google that difference is: The IR Receiver V2 version has an improved motor driver giving you lower power loss and longer battery lifetime If that's the difference, I would prefer to buy v1 with 2 battery boxes. This v2 is available only in the set which you mentioned, so in case of fail, it would be hard to replace it.
  8. I will try to translate what did you said to a newbie language, and please tell me if that's the truth. So basically I need: 1. 2 pf-l morotrs - like that: x2 ? 2. servo like this: ? 3. Battery box: ? 4. v2 ir-receiver: 5. Remote: and thats it ? I'm not sure about which buwizz review are you talking ? I couldn't find it (I'm really new in suhc things, sorry).
  9. Hello. I just bought the Lego 42039 set, and immediatel after building it I thought it would be cool to make this model radio controlled. The instruction contains step by step guide to attach motor for door or to attach the lights, but there is no instruction how to make it. I'm 26 years, and I don't have my old lego anymore, and this is my only set which I have right now ( I always loved lego!). I'm wondering which motors I would need to buy, to make this car a radio controlled one. I have found few howto videos in google and youtube, but they are not mentioning the sets which you need. I saw that sometimes instrcutions are mentioning 'L Motor' or something like that, but I really don't know what it means and which set contains it. Can you please provide me some guidelines how to add RC functionallity to such model ? Maybe those parts which they are mentioning are spare parts, not in any set?