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  1. WOW! I don't know if I have the parts, but if I do, I definitely want to build one of these. Maybe more, if I can come up with the parts in a couple more colors.
  2. Luke Styer

    The Darktic Roller - Mod of 70911

    Excellent modification. That's one of the current sets I'm most excited about, and you've just hyped me up more. Have you considered working on the Joker's Lowrider 70906 to make it look a little more realistic?
  3. Luke Styer

    Purist TV/Movie Figures

    I'm completely unfamiliar with the source material, but I LOVE that car! The two guys are pretty cool, too, I just have no frame of reference for who they are supposed to look like.
  4. Luke Styer

    Japanese Fortress (MOC)

    Beautiful build! The photos might be a little more effective with a background color that the white bricks don't blend into so readily.
  5. Luke Styer

    Upgrade to the Arkham Asylum

    This is insanely cool!
  6. Luke Styer

    MOC - Día de Muertos Parade

    This is awesome, and so unlike what most people build and share!
  7. Luke Styer

    [MOC] Ian Malcolm's muscle car from JW videogame

    That is a gorgeous car!
  8. That is a gorgeous Fortress of Solitude. It looks genuinely relaxing.
  9. Luke Styer

    X-Men Blackbird

    Great build!
  10. Luke Styer

    Yellow or "fleshy"

    Those are all flesh color, though not "Flesh" color. While not labeled "Flesh," they are reasonable-for-toys approximations of human skin tones. The Collectible Minifigures line has featured the Mime and a clown or two whose yellow wasn't showing, though I don't suppose that's exactly the same thing. I do the same thing. My basic practice is flesh tones for modern people, yellow for pre-modern. That said, I'm way more tolerant of a little yellow showing on the torsos than I ever expected to be because I find that if the head, hands and arms, if appropriate are Light Flesh, then a fair bit of yellow isn't really all that noticeable.
  11. Luke Styer

    [MOC]Red Skull's Flying-Wing Chase

    Awesome set. I'm a little tired of planes in the Superheroes theme, but this is different enough that it overcomes my burnout, and that CAR! I want at least two -- one to match the six wheeled version from the movie and one with four wheels to drop into a city scene.
  12. Luke Styer

    [MOC] Avengers: Age of Ultron

    This is great. Just such a fun build all around!
  13. Luke Styer

    MOD - Agents Quinjet

    Probably because it's fairly close to an Avengers symbol. I like the recolored Quinjet. I am planning to pick up the new Quinjet at some point and don't really need two. Before seeing what you did here the idea of recoloring hadn't occurred to me.
  14. Luke Styer

    Sets from other themes to go with Superheroes

    First off, great topic! I'm already seeing great ideas on a first glance. Assuming you're leaning more Dark Knight than Batman '66, my pick for best Gotham uniformed police are is the dark blue uniformed officer from Collectible Minifigures a couple years back. That's probably the grittiest looking uniform, and with some glaring "fleshy" heads I think you can put together a nice GCPD squad to back up Commissioner Gordon. I supplement those figures with the "vested" cops from the CITY theme around the time of the Museum Heist set as a SWAT Team. I moved Gordon's head to a suit and then used his body from the Bane Tumbler set to make a SWAT Commander.
  15. Does anyone know if any builders more masterful than me have played around with different scales to simulate perspective in their builds? While there are other examples that people could come up with, what I specifically have in mind is a minifigure scale SHIELD Helicarrier bridge diorama MOC with a decent sized window, then "behind" that put half or so of the microscale 76042 so that the minifigures appear to be looking down on the deck of the helicarrier. I don't have my 70642 yet, and I doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon, but even when I do I'm not sure I have the design or building chops to pull off what I'm envisioning.