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  1. Agent Lotus sat down after a long day, and turned on his holo-watch. Space Olympics, still going on. An athlete representing the Octan team was running full force, a long pole in hand. as he got closer to a marked line, he dropped the pole, embedding it into the ground. The athlete propelled himself skyward, still holding onto the pole. Letting go at exactly the right moment, the Octan representative soared over the bar, floating across the various anti-gravity plates beneath him to safety. Agent Lotus grumbled..."grr, gotta hand it to the guy, he did well."
  2. Agent Lotus got the mission in the early hours of the morning. Simple infiltration job. With the Space Olympic Games Land Race event starting soon he had to make sure this went to plan. It was easy enough to find the speeder, and its pilot never expected an attack. He'd wake up with a heck of a headache by the end of the day, plenty of time to use his credentials and enter the race.
  3. craggy

    [K - G10] Lucky Dragon

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Spaceship Agent Lotus was arriving back from another night scouring the underworld of Onix for leads on potential espionage targets when a communication came through to one of his personal accounts. One few people knew about. Inside the message was a series of scans of a newly launched star cruiser, set to arrive at the planet sometime in the next few weeks. Imposing and ornately decorated, he noticed the reason behind its name. "Lucky Dragon. Hmm?" The ship was huge, and with good reason, it was a cruise ship, of course, but more than that, it housed a casino and resort capable of housing thousands. Also attached were a reservation for a suite at one of the hotels on board, and tickets to some of the more exclusive events taking place on this maiden voyage. The message wasn't signed, but given the cost of this invitation, he could only think of a few friends, and few more enemies, who might go to this expense to have him on board. Either way it was going to be an interesting trip.
  4. craggy

    [M - F03] Return to B Sector

    really like the floor design
  5. craggy

    The Evil Dead (1981)

    really like how you did the walls.
  6. Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Spying At an Octan outpost in a remote region of Onix, an exasperated employee answers the door in a panic. "Finally, you're here!" "29 minutes, another minute and you'd have got the repair free. Sorry it took so long, traffic was a nightmare." "Hey're you're not Octan certified!" "I work for the manufacturer. Way down the list of subsidiary companies. But if you want me to leave and wait for someone with a white outfit on...?" "No, no, just fix it! Tell me you can fix it?" "Sure, I just need to twiddle this knob..." "and pull this lever...definitely not hacking your mainframe...not at all." "And if I flip this switch, it might look like I've now got access to all of your records, but it's actually just letting me fix this machine." "See? Now I can reprogramme this thingymabob here..." "and if we wait a few seconds..." "Ta-daa!" "Sweet, tasty pizza! It's been so long!" "Enjoy it, my friend, you've earned it."
  7. craggy

    DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    superhero girls sets sound fun. will this make a mini-doll collector out of me?
  8. craggy

    Flash's cosmic treadmill

    clever little build.
  9. craggy

    [K - G10] Vending Machine Repair Man

    Is that a good thing?
  10. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat E] Athletics: Runnning

    Fair play. It does what it says on the tin.
  11. craggy

    Nexo Knights 2016

    the Lava Smasher is great fun for the gimmick, Moltor is a fantastic minifig and it's a surprisingly interesting build
  12. my local Tesco had them in on Sunday. Didn't pick any up...yet.
  13. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] Citrus Speeder

    Thanks, I get the Big Bird comparison. I'd actually given the rider a banana for an earlier version of the build, when I couldn't find any other orange parts I wasn't using.
  14. I stuck the Ballerina's skirt piece on the Harley from the recent bike race set. Just worked. Put a tiara on from a mini-doll too. Just seemed to fit.
  15. craggy

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    If it's not some bloke in pyjamas, I'm all for it.
  16. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] Mitgardian Zephyr

    my brain is trying to work out how u made the hull. Very nice! (one to sew on the saga?)
  17. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] K-Boat

    looks simple and effective. more torpedo than ship. Fiiiiiiire!
  18. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] The Spitfire

    liking the smoothness, very nice!
  19. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] The Stryker

    well done! nice sleek build
  20. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] Slipwave

    ha! the time I spent on mine and yet this one is so glorious! crikey! well done!
  21. craggy

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] Wraith

    lovely hydrofoil and I really like the water effects,
  22. "Ahoy, Agent Lotus!" "umm...Ahoy?" "Be ye, enjoying these fine Space Olympic Games? I'm sure ye arrrr. I'm Kawashita operative John Pearl-Silver, and as ye may see, I've done mesel' a calamity.As such I be needin' someone to replace me in the Boat Race competition. Arrr ye man enough for it, boyo?" "Sure, why not, show me your ship." "Here she be. Her official title is The Major Christopher Summers, named after some olde-timey spacer, but I just call her The Corsair." "I like it. Thanks, Captain Pearl-Silver, I'll treat her right!"
  23. craggy

    [Challenge 5] [Cat B] The Corsair

    yay! 4 points! :) This was after I had to cut pieces to make it fit the size limit. :) I've actually found a few uses for these pieces in nautical builds.