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    Makuta - Master of power

    It is nice to see a thinner build for Makuta. So many people are making him a huge hulking mass, which doesn't suit his personality of a evil master planner.
  2. Cyber Hand

    If Bionicle G2 continued into 2017

    Some of us on the TTV message boards are doing something similar. We have decided to continue with a group of us working on the story plot and sets. We even have a way to get the Mask of Ultimate Power, with the use of 3d Modeling and shapeways. I will post a link to the discord page if you are interested.
  3. Cyber Hand

    MODS: 2016 Bionicle Summer Wave "Canister" Sets

    Wow you really have done a number on those sets and made them even better. I always had a problem with the way the beasts ankles were so thin. You improved every one I am very impressed.
  4. I am not sure why but when someone modifies their bionicle parts, it hurts my soul a little. Not because I am against changing things, i love gunpla and that is all about making your own changes to the sets. But I think it is because when a piece is changed slightly that character feels unfinished to me. Probably because that piece can only work in that situation and stops it from being used the way it originally was.
  5. Cyber Hand

    Future Constraction Lines

    I feel like a space themed set could do really well. A group of humans locked in combat with aliens could give some really creative designs that the normal system wouldn't be able to do. I don't see it getting hurt by star wars also being a constraction line since parents or children might pick it up thinking it was star wars.