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  1. Lord William kane

    Big Nose Bill, the lonely Pirate

  2. Lord William kane

    Thunderchild Redux!

    The redcoats will never know what hit em' I am working on a blue oat ship as well its a 10 gun brig
  3. Lord William kane

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    well the mining series has gold helmets*well the minifig series has gold helmets
  4. Lord William kane

    TOR III Entry 2: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

    Hmmmm well played but you pesky redcoats are gonna have to try harder den that
  5. Lord William kane

    La grande armeƩ

    Being a fellow blue coat I agree that is just amazing
  6. Lord William kane

    Rocks & Shoals

    Yeah it sounds fun but my ship is very bad it's only a 10 gun brig and I only have one ship and it the brick bounty