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  1. thanks so much! i think its done for now, i will starting repairing some old mocs, maybe build another one :)
  2. thanks! at that age isetta and kr200 / kr175 was the micro german cars that they could afford after war, i will upload new pics to see how this moc its builded right now, thanks again! 18221989_1902166650023770_7445446967958400750_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18221973_1902166753357093_1829093258387256449_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18221762_1902166663357102_2451780614913729785_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18221539_1902166793357089_47998808134518226_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18199499_1902166710023764_4262117393628251653_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18199336_1902166743357094_7239734306390188562_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18301679_1902166686690433_8086707525395405193_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18300829_1902166860023749_5901238016466225319_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18274972_1902166560023779_5070883686720417467_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18268522_1902166776690424_1437293270643379290_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18222628_1902166870023748_3616401649110696404_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18222545_1902166573357111_2738810654389321684_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18222431_1902166726690429_9189676958888661463_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18199180_1902166563357112_7887740723720587785_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18341877_1902166813357087_7202562452679896708_n by Omar Dib, no Flickr
  3. its a paper with a leather, can u see the interior? :P im testing new elements to put into car mocs, i think u never saw a beetle interior and how its made, so i make it like they do into old cars... its not a cardboard... if u see the pics from kr200 interior u will see a nice leather :)
  4. my new moc, messerschmitt kr200, inspired by ww2 planes, after ww2, micro german car, very good build, with leather interior and working steering, hope u like it! thanks again! Pics: messerschmitt25-400x400 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034329 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034330 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034331 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034332 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034336 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034335 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034337 by Omar Dib, no Flickr P5034333 by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18238613_1900620770178358_7729695536926582759_o by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18193191_1900620560178379_8390149700024148954_o by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18278210_1900620696845032_5705826139779140905_o by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18238807_1900620540178381_1570241456434262040_o by Omar Dib, no Flickr 18237888_1900620223511746_1628894292825636869_o by Omar Dib, no Flickr schmitt-rack00 by Omar Dib, no Flickr
  5. added a machine gun sound :P
  6. thanks guys! yes its a late 30s plane, but i dont copy any kind of plane, just make a prototype inspired by that era, could be great make a Umlaufmotor, i will test some setups later, loved that idea, they are from 10s, but really enjoyed the way that could be run on it! for now its stationary like Akiwama said :)
  7. still working for 3 months into this moc, get some inspiration by the swith trick from the new 2017 blue tow truck, still lots things to do here, but each week i improove something, lets see where it will goes latest video: Thanks so much! Omar
  8. thanks for all of your comments!! zux it could float if i take of the electric and put a water snake and fit inside the submarine, that would be cool but i dont have pools here to test and i dont have beach here in são paulo :/ vectormatic thanks!!! the problem is that my pneumatic dont have a bigger arm and i cant give it more movement :/ JJ2!!!!!! what a nice pic!!!!! i love these submarines, really the uboats are very special, they was in front of their time into their era Thanks again to all of you!!! Omar
  9. the milch cow dont have torpedos too, i just added it to play with kids hahaha thanks for the info, i love these suply stuffs BoBS i received a info from lego ideas lol "We reviewed your project submission and unfortunately it does not fit the LEGO® Ideas mold; it contains content or themes not appropriate for a potential LEGO product. Per our Guidelines and House Rules, we won’t approve projects related to these topics: Warfare or war vehicles in any modern or present-day situation, or national war memorials Some third-party properties feature iconic characters, buildings, vehicles, or visual styles. If the LEGO Group deems a property inappropriate for LEGO Ideas, we also may not allow these iconic elements even if all references to the property are removed." HAHAHAHA
  10. thanks for the comments!! i dont pretend to reach 10k votes, just for the fun hahaha i dont care if people pay attention or not, im glad that u 3 liked and give me some advices! Thanks! Omar
  11. omardib21

    (MOC) Audi TT RS

    really nice!!! my prefered model from audi, very cool!! congratulation!
  12. here my U-boat, hope u like it, people asked me for some images, i made a video for lego ideas, i will put soon the link here and into yt video for voting, im waiting for approval Thanks!!! Omar
  13. hello, made a lil video showing a minifig next my models to compare scale, this weekend i will make a good video and share here my submarine, thanks!
  14. thanks people!! ctx1769, when i put the window really looked like a junkers hahaha, but i build that to be a a fun plane, i didnt copy any model, i just take some pre ww2 photos and Anzani radial 6 cyl, but thanks! hahaha looks like a bit yes
  15. hello, im selling all my legos, need some money so i will keep my mocs, so i builded a huge one, to use all parts that could be nice to put in use into a future moc its a pre ww2 based plane, i already put the wip step into another topic, here i will put the final version, if you guys have ideas to improve, you all are welcome! Video: Pics: PB214220 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224235 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224237 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224226 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224227 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224228 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224229 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224230 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224231 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224232 by Omar Dib, no Flickr PB224233 by Omar Dib, no Flickr