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    [TC10] Forklift

    Really like your model and that you use pneumatics for almost everything in this forklift. Hope you will have enought pressure to power it all :D
  2. KUPOV1

    [TC10] Unimog U 400

    Like your small scale and how many functions you put inside this small body :)
  3. KUPOV1

    [TC10] Classic Locomotive

    I am really interested in it. Hope it will have enought pressure to make this locomotive moving. :) Looking forward for next progress. Good luck :)
  4. KUPOV1

    [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Amazing model :) Really like the pneumatic steering, but you should definitely think about krisandkris12 steering idea even it will be hard to make :)
  5. Congrats to all winners and all participants!!! Guys you made so many great and functional creations, it was pleasure to me compete with you :)
  6. KUPOV1

    [TC10] Caterpillar M315D

    Thank you guys! The 7th switch will be used for bucket attachments.
  7. Hello everybody, I want to share my new project. I am going to build Caterpillar wheel excavator. Featuring: -4x4 drive -one axle steering -air tank (if it'll be necesarry) -12 pneumatic pistons -7 pneumatic switches -2 small pneumatic pumps -HoG steering Rotating of main boom will be controlled manually. In main boom I will place battery box as counterweight, motor with pumps and fake engine. Trought the main technic turnable actually goes steering (black wheel), gearbox elements will be used for driving fake motor and one pneumatic hose to bottom switches. After three days of work I have got almost completed bottom of excavator and front blade.