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    Brickfilm - "Equine Introspection"

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I wasn't sure why the embed player wasn't working. So thanks for helping me figure that out. :)
  2. An average walk in a dark, eerie park turns out to be much more than just clippity-clomping hooves down a path... Starring: Matthew Kimball - Mary Charles - http://www.bricksinm...orums/user/1329 Benjamin Ely - (that's me!) Liam Siegler - Special thanks to Guy Commanderson for allowing me to use his awesome music! You can listen to the full background track here: https://soundcloud.c...son/possessions Made for BRAWL 2016 on Bricks in Motion.
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    I'm rioforce

    Hello there! I'm rioforce. LEGO has been a huge part of my life since my early childhood, and I have never stopped being surrounded my it. I'm from the very hot southeast USA, and like to sit in a dark room animating with LEGO in my free time. Not too glamorous, but so much fun! I've known about Eurobricks for ages, and I know of a lot of people here, just never signed up. I'm here now, though, and look forward to interacting with other LEGO fans. :)