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  1. For anyone in the UK, £144.95 with free shipping via DPD. http://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/lego-technic-bucket-wheel-excavator-42055
  2. If your going to spend a lot of money - and lets face it some of the sets and some parts are not cheap - then paying a few more £ / $ / Euro on instructions that some one has been kind enough to sit and make should be budgeted for. If people did not make instructions then a lot of us would be struggling where to start. I do not have infinite amount of time on my hands as i work away from home for most of the year and the help which instructions gives in the short time i do have is great. If selling PDF's helps the seller recoup some of the money spent on parts then thats ok by me. I have been reading the forums for a while and it seems as soon as a new MOC appears within the first day people are asking for instructions, please give some of these people time to build these files and try them out. If there is a mistake, there only human and it happens. If there is a rare colour, just see where it is in the build before complaining, maybe its hidden or just tweek the colour scheme a bit to suit. Thanks to all who take time with the instructions for others, either free or charging for them.