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  1. No. Im alive and well. But due to corona and the loss of my father last year, the build is on hold for a wile. My plan is to be prepared for the next Lego Exhibition but everything is canceled now. So...more to come, but not yet. Ps: the polyp still exist, but now on the workbench: )
  2. Sry. That is recommended already:)
  3. For the lightning astandard 12 volts 3000 mah adapter The main drive 12 volts 2250 mah adapter with a motordriver with potentiometer Excentric and low cilinder 6 volts adapter 2000 mah Stagelights on a 12 volt adapter 1000 mah
  4. Why not use a differential gear? Only thing with that you must lock the big gear
  5. This is how the slipring / drag contact looks like. very simple actually.
  6. Jo! Thnx. The seats are indeed a bit to high from the floor. I am adjusting that right now. My plan is to use actuators that holds the arms (,easy to adjust). The whole mid section will be rebuild. About yr questions: No silicon spray is used. My experience is that spray or lube attract dust and moist. The turntable on the head (type 3) is perfect. When its run oit, i easy can replace it. 2 pieced of half beams 4l with copperfoil on it does the job. No brushes. Perfect conductive and no volt drop. I will add a picture today here. I have a manual controldevice next to the autorun module. The video of the run with the Auto run module is in progress. And indeedz my plan is to make a switch on it for changing. Ny changibg the angle of the head i also need to change the connection of the arm.(higher connecting point)
  7. Thnx a lot man. And guess what. There is more to come. My plan is to rebuild the excentric more compact and better lift. I want the head in bigger angle
  8. That one is also cool. Good compact mechanics. There are several Lego Polyps around. But not in the scale i build
  9. Thanx a lot man ANNOUNCEMENT. New videos coming soon. Full run controlled by the Auto Run Module. And a new ride video with new crosslighting and smoke
  10. thnx. What ive done is added the cross lighting. a nice detail, but there is a problem with it. some leds have changed intp red for some stupid reason (you can see it in the video). i tested the leds, all blue..i connected it on the arms...2 turned red :( I will change all the led in the crosses into red. it looks better. The model will be on the workbench the next months, to make it even better, I will rebuild the excentric into a little more compact size and better looking. Here a some shots of the Spider full lightened and smoke [ More updates will be there in the next months
  11. Final video Viral. I proudly presents: Final Run of the Turbo Spider. Ofcourse the model will be upgraded. But Here is the result of 4 years building and developing. tip: Watch the whole video:)
  12. A small delay unfortunally. Saterday 2th of november will be the premiere