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    I am a biomedical laboratory technician with a passion for music and the Lego creations.


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  1. Franzplus

    [MOC] Cathedral

    I am impressed by the incredible work you have presented with a surprising wealth of details. Compliments I am a Lego builder passionate about modular constructions if you have time and pleasure you can find my proposals on
  2. Franzplus

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Personally, I was disappointed with the results of the Ideas winners they have recently announced. Apart from the Home alone Set which is very original and offers an excellent level of playability, the other sets would not have been produced.
  3. Franzplus

    [MOC] Modular The Medical Office

    Excellent modular. Supported on Ideas. if you have time and want to check my plans on
  4. Franzplus


    I agree but to a certain extent. From what you wrote I suspect you are an Ideas consultant (I'm joking obviously). If lego already has ideas on particular topics in the pipeline, it should not allow competitors to publish them if only to feed vain hopes. However the unapproved projects that I mentioned, have served as a test to verify their success among fans. I also close the off topic. Good day
  5. Franzplus

    New Member FranzPlus

    Grazie, vedo che il paese in cui ti trovi è l'italia, mi permetto di scrivere in italiano se non altro per evitare errori grammaticali visto che l'inglese lo parlo poco ed utilizzo sovente le app traduttrici. Hai qualche consiglio per utilizzare al meglio questa piattaforma? Purtoppo su Lego Ideas non è consentito pubblicizare con gli altri membri i propri progetti. Qui invece, si possono trovare sponsor? Please post in English here
  6. Franzplus


    True, I did not remember well the note on the prizes you mentioned. I have a question to ask, what about those artists who have reached 10,000 media, were judged by the team of experts as: 'Not Approved' and then a few years later they saw their project on the official Lego line? I think that the purpose is always tied to marketing research.
  7. Franzplus

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Impressive and very detailed modular. I have a question. But how do you put your Moc on the front page as you did?
  8. Franzplus


    In fact, that's what I think. However lego ideas is just a great marketing project. I have been participating for 5 years and coincidence many unapproved winning sets have become so after 2 years. Here are the most sensational examples. · Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum by DarthKy published on 01 February 2014 (2849 supporter. Lego produces the Marvel set 76108 (2018). · Hulkbuster UCS by Raychow published May 26, 2015 (Not Approved). Lego produces the Marvel set 76105 (2018). · Avengers helicarrier by YoSub Joo published on 13 May 2014 (Not Approved). Lego produces the Marvel set 76042 (2015). · Jurassik Park by sentosan published on 24 October 2014 (Not Approved). Lego produces set 75936 (2019) · Ghostbusters HQ by Sergio512 published on March 20, 2014 (Not Approved). Lego produces set 75827 (2016) · Fiat 500 F by saabfan published on August 24, 2016 (Not Approved). Lego produces set 10271 (2020) It is your thought and I respect it. But anyway given the huge success of the platform (it's just a marketing research) I'm not sure that there is still the 1% prize of proceeds on the sale. If I'm not mistaken, the winners give 10 sets of their idea. However I am convinced that there are talented and oddly lucky people on the platform. There are manufacturers with multiple winnings with even 2 product sets. Climb 10000 supports in 15 days. They make me think of multiple accounts ...
  9. Franzplus


    This set is certainly fantastic but it is completely different from the original that won on the lego Ideas platform. What's the point of winning to see your work completely change?
  10. Franzplus

    [MOC] Musical Modular

    Very lively and elaborate modular. If we were on lego ideas you would have my support. I am a Lego builder passionate about modular constructions if you have time and pleasure you can find my proposals on
  11. Franzplus

    Creator Multibuilding Experience 6 in 1

    They just canceled the project because the tractor is similar to set 10244.
  12. Franzplus

    Lego Marvel Minifigures

    Indeed. However lego ideas is just a great marketing research after all.
  13. Franzplus

    Victorian House I have now corrected the link for my project.
  14. Hi everyone, I am FranzPlus and I am looking for supporters to my projects published on lego Ideas. I would like to propose my latest work dedicated to the multi-construction experience. I accept constructive criticism. Thanks for the attention. This Creator 6 in 1 set offers spectacular performance. Download the Helicopter and motorbike to start your adventures. The front of the Helicopter separates in a Watercraft. The Main Truck has a detailed cockpit complete with bed and TV. This 6 in 1 model is rebuilt in a Road Tractor or two Racing Cars or a Seaplane or a powerful Hot Rod and finally a Motorboat. Inspired by the multi-construction of the Lego Creator Set 3 x 1, I propose six different construction alternatives with decreasing difficulty. This set consists of 653 bricks. Get carried away by the imagination and build these realistic models. Two minifigures are included 1) Helicopter Transport Truck. (653 Bricks) 2) Road Tractor (239 Bricks) 3) Racing Cars (218 Bricks) 4) Seaplane (140 Bricks) 5) Hot Rod (124 Bricks) 6) Motorboat (76 Bricks) To design this set I used LDD and Studio. Have fun and good exploration.
  15. Franzplus

    Victorian House

    Thank you. I think I have good potential, I lack visibility on lego ideas because I have never used social networks. I am looking for supporters to my projects, can you help me?