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  1. I was wondering how different events handle sale during the events exhibition, both from commercial partners and "bricklink-sellers". I am organizing an event in Trondheim, Norway, and since its growing in size we want to make sure that we organize the sale during the event in a good way. We have both commercial seller (toy store) and some personal bricklink-sellers present during the exhibition. Today we don't require anything special from them, and they more or less get the space they want. Does anyone know how other events handle this? Is it a fee to have sale, a limit on numers etc? Or how do you think it should be? If you are a organizer and have this information but dont want to post it here, please send me an PM. I will be very, very, veeeery happy - and if you want me to I will handle confedential :)
  2. Thank you for the feedback. The dates was posted in the topic of this thread, but I should have included it in the post also. Did so now! Btw, "It all happens from march 31st to april 2nd in the city of Trondheim :)"
  3. It's once again time for the Norwegian LUG Brikkelaugets annual event! It all happens from march 31st to april 2nd in the city of Trondheim :) We welcome any AFOL to participate, all activites will be held in English - so join us for a great time in the lovely town of Trondheim in the middle of Norway. Competitions, workshops, presentations, auction, 100 AFOLs, 5000 visitors and overall a great time with a bunch of great AFOLs! More information in this group: :) Regards Harald - event organizer
  4. Luza

    [MOC] [WIP] Starting My First City Layout

    Just started on my own layout, looking forward to follow your progress!
  5. Luza

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Looks good, looking forward to witness the progress!
  6. Rumors has it that L@go vil share some building secrets during his workshop! Dont' miss out on that ;)
  7. During april 25.-27. the Norwegian lug Brikkelauget has it's annual event in Trondheim, Norway. During Friday and Saturday we prepare the exhibition, have contests, a small trade market, workshops, our annual meeting and talks and discussions about LEGO. On synday the exhibition is open for the public. In 2013 there was 42 AFOLs present, and we had 1900 visitors during the the exhibition on sunday. "På kloss hold" is a wordplay. "Kloss" is the Norwegian word for both "brick" and "close". So to translate the title, it would be something like "On brick/close range". It sounds so much better in Norwegian... This year we will almost double the area for the exhibition. We have room for large MOCs, small MOCs, high-flying MOCs and MOCs driving around on the ground. We also have original LEGO-models, and this year we are working on a large train layout, with trains from the beginning up until today. As long as it's produced by LEGO, we have room for it;) If some of our international friends would like to participate or have questions, feel free to contact me. Some pictures from last years event: regards Harald Kvande
  8. Thnx for sharing! Love to read about people building up their old LEGO:)
  9. I really like it - great work!
  10. Luza

    MOCs: 100% Lego Lighting

    I really like that you were able to make such a nice light of all origial LEGO pieces/products!
  11. Luza

    (MOC)-Modular Bookshop

    Great building! Love the rounded front and the rounded part in the back of the building.
  12. Luza

    [MOC] Route 66

    Nice MOC. Love the work you have done on the road!
  13. Grat model - love it! Made me sign up for cuusoo.....