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    10233 Horizon Express

    Extra numbers on the sticker sheet so you can expand with a second set. they tempt! PURE EVIL!
  2. Pingles

    Discontinuation Speculation

    Had to dig through the shelves but found one Red Cargo Train at my local TRU. Was $25 off today!
  3. HA! Wow, I am late to the party! Hilarious. Thanks!
  4. Saw this on Reddit and came here to discuss its origins but did not see any discussion. Am I late to the party on this one? The Reddit discussion is here.
  5. Paintbrush and a dustbuster with a course screen on it. But my other method works the best: Keep them in a case.
  6. Pingles

    Friends vs Lord of the Rings

    I think some folks underestimate the playability of the Friends sets. My daughter is 3. Her favorite Lego to play with used to be the Star Wars mini ships from the Advent calendar. In other words, not a real "dolly" type of girl. Some cousins bought her a few Friends sets and now it is all she plays with. We give the animals baths, we use the bazillions of accessories those sets include (one set has a syringe!) and even the vehicles get more use than any of her (my) other sets. She still finds wonderful ways of tying in my other sets to the Friends but those Friends and their pets are the constant.
  7. Perhaps I missed this feature on Bricklink? I assumed they would have a way of tracking which sets you own. Any other sites that would allow me to keep a running inventory of which sets I've purchased? I recently bought a set, went to stash it to build later and realized I had purchased the same set a few months earlier. EDIT: Sorry, this can be closed. Finally found the site I had been thinking of. Brickset. And Lugnet. Unless anyone knows of more.
  8. Pingles

    LEGO Store Grab Bags

    Got two bags at the Valley Fair, CA store last week (the only two they had). Both were 400+ pieces, bulging at the ziploc. The first was spectacular, obviously a series of broken down sets. Very few multiples, lots of weird purple pieces, clear pieces, etc. that I've never owned before. The second, while still fantastic, also included about thirty white doors.
  9. Pingles

    LEGO Store Shopping Bags

    They are great as dirty-laundry bags on trips! Our local store is no longer handing them out due to local anti-bag ordinances. They will be missed!
  10. Pingles

    Official LEGO Website for Adults

    Kind of brings to light the different cultures that they market to.
  11. Pingles

    Numbered bags in sets- yay or nay?

    I appreciate the numbered bags but I have to admit that when the bags are NOT numbered it is a peculiar form of delicious torture. I complain and whine about it the whole time I am searching for a small part but at the same time I am having the time of my life. Lego masochist, I guess.
  12. Pingles

    LEGO Store Grab Bags

    The Santa Clara store seems pretty consistent in putting out grab bags when they get new display models. Will be interesting when the current Star Destroyer gets disassembled. I was hoping the new Marvel models would push out some of the older displays into Grab Bags but if they did I missed them.
  13. I think the question is how you would lock it in to the other modulars without the track either going straight out the front or through the other interconnected buildings.
  14. Next modular being a Train Station would be great! Two birds with one stone!!!!
  15. For me it was the building. I enjoy the process and learning the tricks to achieve specific shapes and patterns. I originally restarted to introduce my daughter to Duplo. But when I bought a set for myself she was drawn to it. At two she started playing with the big sets (under supervision -- and luckily she's not an eater) and never looked back. I am now doing conversions on sets to add playability. She's three and when I removed the back wall of the Firehouse she started using it like a dollhouse. Been a lot of fun and I am enjoying building the advanced sets myself as I prepare for my first big MOC.